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Another day, another bogeyman raised

by Farah Fahmy
The Malaysian Insider
Jun 24, 2011

JUNE 24 — In all the furore surrounding the Bersih 2.0 rally, I couldn’t help noticing that all the things and events used to scare us are being dragged out yet again, presumably so that we would all be scared of history repeating itself and therefore stick to the status quo.

First up is of course the spectre of May 13. Time and again self-serving politicians bring this up to remind us to toe the line. You know what? I was born after 1969. I didn’t live through those events, and all I know about May 13 I learnt through my own endeavours.

If May 13 is so important to us, and if we’re always exhorted to remember it, then why, if we so much as try to discuss what happened then, are we told NOT to do so because it may be detrimental to our racial sensibilities? Read the rest of this entry »


“Datuk T” trio’s gross abuse of process of the court

What happened in the Kuala Lumpur magistrate’s court this morning in the “Datuk T” trio Sri Carcosa sex tape case was a gross abuse of the process of the court, reducing the judicial process to a farce.

It was alleged for instance that there are expert testimony that the man in the sex tape is “99.99 per cent” opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

What is the probative value and credibility of such expert evidence when they are not challenged or tested by other expert testimonies, reducing them to the status of one-sided accounts not much better than mere hearsay. Read the rest of this entry »


Isa, hands off our EPF money

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jun 24, 11

‘Isa, if you are so good at doing business why don’t you borrow from the bank rather than from EPF? Is it because EPF is forced to lend to you?’

Isa on RM6 bil EPF loan to Felda: So?

Brainless: These politicians from Umno/BN, whether they are ministers or chairpersons of government-linked companies are crooks and liars, typified by this man called Isa Samad, now Felda chief.

He still doesn’t get it that the court have found Felda guilty of cheating the settlers on many instances, it has made loses of hundreds of millions in its investments and now seeking to ‘con’ the rakyat, who are the Employees Provident Fund contributors, over this RM6 billion loan.
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Death threat: We shall not be cowed

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jun 24, 11

‘Who are the pariahs here – those calling others demeaning and insulting names or those who put up a fight for our democratic rights?’

SMS death threat against Ambiga making its rounds

TehTarik: I hope that Malaysia doesn’t sink to the level where we see political assassinations. Unfortunately, we seem to be rapidly heading in this direction, particularly due to inaction and selective prosecution by the police and the judiciary.

As many have said, some of the leaders of Perkasa should have been arrested a long time ago under the ISA and interned in Kamunting. Perkasa appears to be similar to the ‘brown shirt’ of the Nazi Party which was formed by Adolf Hitler, and was responsible for political threats and violence, and even assassinations.
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Question of efficiency, independence and professionalism of AGC and Police haunting Malaysia’s international image in a bigger way than any time in the past

Two days after the Sri Carcosa sex tape caper on Monday, 21st March 2011, I had warned that police efficiency, independence and professionalism were again the major casualties of the latest criminal attempt to target and character-assassinate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

My warning of March 23 has proven true. More than three months after my warning, the questions of the efficiency, independence and professionalism of the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Police have bulked even larger to haunt Malaysia’s international image in a bigger way than at any time in the past in the nation’s history.

The farce this morning in the magistrate’s court where the “Datuk T” trio were charged for the Sri Carcosa sex tape screening has only served to further lower public confidence and esteem in the efficiency, independence and professionalism of the Attorney-General and the Police.
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Evil stalks the brave and threatens the peace

by P Ramakrishnan
President Aliran
23 June 2011

Today, at around 1.00pm, I received an sms from +601119732179. The message conveyed to me was in Bahasa Malaysia and read:

Members of the Bersih steering committee at the launch of Bersih 2.0

Korg ni buta hati ke?? buat apa sokong ambiga keling paria haramjadah tu? dia ni kapir laknat. korang tau tak dia ni jadi alat anjing2 politik untuk musnahkan keutuhan melayu. dia kata je nak BERSIH kan SPR. bersih kepala bapak dia.

Puak2 PAS n PKR pun buta tuli n pekak badak.. kalau SPR tak bersih, boleh ke diorang menang kat Sgor, Kedah, Penang, Kelantan n perak dulu? DAP cina sial tu pulak lagi haram jahanam. dia tengok je melayu bertekak. hujung2 dia perintah negara ni dan kristiankan kita semua. aku nak kasi amaran kat korang semua.

Kalau perhimpunan ni jadi, aku dan org2 aku akan bunuh ambiga dan korang2 keliling dia satu persatu, termasuklah orang2 politik bangang yg bersekongkol ngan kafir laknat tu.. ini amaran aku. Korang tengokla nanti. Read the rest of this entry »


Maybank, CIMB call off RHBCap takeover plan

by Izwan Idris
The Sun
23 June 2011

LUMPUR (June 23, 2011): Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) and CIMB Group have announced separately that they have aborted plans to take over RHB Capital Bhd.

“In light of recent developments and following further deliberations, the board of directors of Maybank has decided not to pursue the possible merger at this juncture,” Maybank said in a short statement to Bursa Malaysia today.

Maybank and its biggest local rival CIMB Group had obtained Bank Negara Malaysia’s approval last month to start merger talks with RHB Capital.

The announcement from Maybank was released after trading on Bursa Malaysia ended for the day. Read the rest of this entry »


Apply the law equally

Terence Fernandez
The Sun
23 June 2011

BAD things happen because good people do nothing. How often have we heard this phrase and how many of us have been motivated enough to get off our butts to do something when others are trying to cause chaos and confusion?

At the rate things are going, it seems we are content to let things slide or sweep them under the carpet – a child’s logic: close your eyes and it will go away.

History has taught us that the worst atrocities were actually committed by the minority. But they were emboldened and abetted by a silent majority who at first laughed them off as a bunch of raving lunatics but to their horror, later discovered that this same group of madmen had taken control of the country’s social and political structures. Read the rest of this entry »