Death threat: We shall not be cowed

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jun 24, 11

‘Who are the pariahs here – those calling others demeaning and insulting names or those who put up a fight for our democratic rights?’

SMS death threat against Ambiga making its rounds

TehTarik: I hope that Malaysia doesn’t sink to the level where we see political assassinations. Unfortunately, we seem to be rapidly heading in this direction, particularly due to inaction and selective prosecution by the police and the judiciary.

As many have said, some of the leaders of Perkasa should have been arrested a long time ago under the ISA and interned in Kamunting. Perkasa appears to be similar to the ‘brown shirt’ of the Nazi Party which was formed by Adolf Hitler, and was responsible for political threats and violence, and even assassinations.

Many Malaysians are fast losing confidence in the country’s future. I know of many professionals and businessmen who are now contemplating migration.

Ambiga comes from an illustrious family. Her father, who passed way last year, was an eminent doctor and a past president of the Malaysian Medical Association. He was seen as the ‘Father of Urology’ and was instrumental in setting up the Urology Center at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, the first of its kind in the country.

He was the founder member of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), and helmed the post as chairman of the NKF for many years. The NKF has saved the lives of thousands of kidney patients at dialysis centres around the country.

His acquaintances will tell you that he was a man of impeccable honesty, both in his professional as well as private life. If he was around, he would be mighty proud of his brave daughter. The same cannot be said of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is but a shadow of his illustrious father.

Jiminy Qrikert: This is what happens when the country is led by leaders who stoke the fires of racism and encourage, even maybe fund, racist bigots like Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa to do their dirty work so that Umno is insulated and hopes to be perceived as being innocent of instigating and propagating such hatred of non-Malays.

Let’s all be there on July 9. I will be.

KSN: Is this not disgusting? This is our version of democracy. The name-calling shows the mentality of those who are sending the SMS and those behind it. Who are the pariahs here – those calling others demeaning and insulting names or those who are putting up a fight for democratic rights of citizens for free and fair elections?

It is to be hoped that the police will investigate this thoroughly and bring the criminals to justice, that is, if they are up to doing their duties responsibly and impartially. But nobody will hold their breath for obvious reasons.

What has Ambiga’s race got to do with Bersih? There is disgusting reference to Ambiga’s father in the SMS threat. How many know that her father, Dr Sreenevasan, is one of the finest surgeons we have ever had.

Those fellows who sent the message are sick in their heads. They not only called Ambiga all sorts of names, but insulted her father as well. I feel terrible as Dr G Sreenivasan operated on me for kidney stones way back.

4EverMalaysian: The sender of the SMS death threat is a coward. If he is brave enough, he should come out in the open, show his face and express his threat directly. Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan will have thousands of Malaysians coming to defend her.

Anonymous: Do not hide behind your computers. Make sure we go down to the streets on July 9, or else we are just like the coward who sent the SMS.

The BN government’s fear of Bersih march has reached preposterous level. They are afraid because this time they can’t use money to buy support. If the majority of people support them as claimed, then where does the fear of a free and fair election comes from?

Jerit: Say what you want, do all you want, the people of Malaysia are more informed now. With or without Ambiga or other leaders, we will go to the streets on July 9 to show the people’s power.

Remember Egypt, remember Tunisia. If the people there can make change, so can we. Even though Bersih says it is about free and fair elections, we also want clean politics and a better government. This is, after all, our birth right.

2cts-worth: Poor leadership has allowed and even condoned the stoking of fire spewed by the monsters unleashed by a careless and selfish government. A simple demonstration to clamour for a clean and fair election has turned into a political and racial issue.

It is with abated breath we now await and see how this government will resolve this grave problem.

Anonymous_3e46: We are so sad that the scenario in Malaysia of late has unashamedly degenerated into a samseng (thuggish), biadab (uncouth), godless culture as to call people by names over their racial background and to issue death threats so as to intimidate others. Is this what is called Malaysian budaya (culture)? Shame.

RR: We talk about enlightenment, moderation, integrity, righteousness, etc, based on our religious tenets, but actually many of the leaders and their followers are mere hypocrites and have Stone Age mentality. Unless the leaders are enlightened, we cannot blame the ignorant followers.

Citizen: Does a prominent lawyer such as Ambiga with international recognition deserves all this? I am ashamed of myself of not having such guts as this incredible woman to stand for justice for all of us. Ambiga, we salute you.

Beetle: The majority of rakyat stands with Ambiga and condemn this threat on her life, Be strong and fear not, Ambiga. Those who are righteous will always triumph over those who are evil.

Abasir: The horde that gathered to burn Ambiga’s picture and called her names is Umno Malaysia’s finest; it constitutes PM Najib Razak’s top talent and investment magnet; its official patron is none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad and it is merely answering Najib’s call to “defend Putrajaya at all costs”.

The question on every decent Malaysian’s lips is this: Does “at all costs” include death threats and possibly murder?

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