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Can PM in Oxon speech pass Najib test 4Global Movement Moderates 2″censure reject their own extremists” eg IAli/Utusan? http://bit.ly/jA4P1Y

Has Najib forgotten his UNGA speech: “real issue is not between Muslims n non-Muslims but between moderates n extremists of all religions”?

Remember Najib? “Across all religions we have inadvertently allwd ugly voices of periphery 2drown out many voices of reason n common sense.”

Purpose of Najib’s “Global Movement of the Moderates”? 2combat n marginalize extremists who have held world hostage w their bigotry n bias!

“2urgently reclaim the centre n the moral high ground that has been usurped from us” – 2″choose moderation over extremism”. Remember Najib?

Najib shld explain Y he ceded the centre in IAli/Utusan “Christian Msia” bogey. Y preach moderation int when he gave in 2extremism at home?

Let Najib take stand in Oxon speech agnst extremism ala IA/Utusan. Shocking MCA (CSL) pander 2Utusan bigotry/suggest Utusan may be right.

  1. #1 by Loh on Monday, 16 May 2011 - 9:34 pm

    Najib says all the right things outside the country and does all the wrongs in the country. He hoped that non-Malays would get the wrong impression that he was reasonable. If he was he would not have said what he did in 1987 which led to operation lallang. The fact the he uttered those words shows that he is an opportunist, and he would not care the price the country pays just so that he achieves his ambition. Would foreigners believe what he says now when they know what he said previously.

  2. #2 by boh-liao on Monday, 16 May 2011 - 10:04 pm

    NR is impressing d Malay voters dat he is a global celebrity, Oxford U know, then going 2 d US 2 shake hands with d President – wow, NR, a great leader, then announce GE

  3. #3 by tak tahan on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 - 12:07 am

    Hallo Najis,please don’t embarass us further at Oxford because Ah moh Lang there is very much internet-savvy and probably aware all your skeletons in your closet.

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