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Are we Umno’s prisoners of irrational fear

Mariam Mokhtar | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

Umno is bereft of conviction and hampered by weak leaders and their only course of action is to remind us of the possibility of another May 13.


Utusan Malaysia’s headline, ‘Malaysia Negara Kristian?’ (Malaysia a Christian state?), was a subtle Umno plot to warn us, that the consequences of voting for the Opposition might trigger another ‘May 13’.

The Utusan article bears all the tell-tale signs– sowing the seeds of discord and exaggerating our fears. Ever since the May 13 riots of 1969, Umno has relied on scaremongering and threats, to make Malaysians prisoners of irrational fear.

It is in Umno’s character to employ cynical tactics because it faces defeat in the 13th General Election. The opposition has captivated the electorate as seen by its successes in Sarawak and to make matters worse, PAS has rejected Umno’s overtures. Umno has run out of ideas and vision. It lacks momentum and motivation. It has reached the end of the road. Read the rest of this entry »


Mahathir’s thinking legacy

AB Sulaiman | May 11, 11

A friend had lent me Mahathir Mohamad’s memoir ‘A Doctor in the House’ to read. This was followed with the request for me to review it. I have read it but would decline his request for its review.

I have a reason for this refusal. It is that Barry Wain (the author of ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’) has already made one such authoritative and well-reasoned review in Malaysiakini (April 4, 2011). Any additional attempt on my part would be sheer duplication.

Instead I’d now highlight one major point raised by Wain in his review and use it to ‘review’ Mahathir’s memoir.

It is that Wain claims that Mahathir has used facts mixed with fiction in his writing to become a mixture of both, a ‘faction’. Wain cites the case of the construction of the North-South Expressway of a Mahathir faction and I quote: Read the rest of this entry »


Bar Council condemns police threats against lawyer

May 13, 11

The Malaysian Bar Council expressed its outrage today over the strong-arm tactics of police personnel who had threatened a lawyer, impeding her from performing her duties.

“Such blatant police harassment of lawyers is intolerable, and amounts to a reprehensible and inexcusable menace against the physical safety of the lawyer,” Bar president Lim Chee Wee said in a statement today.

He called on the Inspector-General of Police to put an immediate halt to repeated cases of lawyers being harassed and menaced by his personnel and to take stern action against officers guilty of such behaviour.

“Bullying tactics must not go unchecked,” Lim said. Read the rest of this entry »


‘Christian leaders led to their slaughter’

RK Anand | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

Bishop Paul Tan says he is displeased and disgusted with the outcome of the meeting between PM and Christian leaders over the Utusan row. He calls the entire episode an Umno orchestration.

KUALA LUMPUR: Without mincing his words, a Catholic bishop criticised his fellow Christian leaders for allowing themselves to be used by the government to “please the other side”.

Instead of telling Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak the truth, Bishop Paul Tan of the Malacca-Johor diocese said the Christian leaders had become like “sheep being led to their slaughter.”

Commenting on the news reports on the meeting between Najib and the Christian leaders, led by the Malaysian Christian Federation (MCF) chairman Bishop Ng Moon Hing yesterday, Tan told FMT that he was extremely disappointed with the outcome.

“I was not at the meeting, so I don’t know what transpired and whether the newspapers reported the entire discussion. But if the news reports are true, then I am displeased and disgusted,” he said.

The luncheon meeting was held amid the raging controversy surrounding a Utusan Malaysia report which alleged that a Christian coup was in the making, with Christian leaders and DAP colluding to undermine the position of Islam. Read the rest of this entry »


10 days in May (7) (Updated)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

MCA President become Utusan surrogate defender when even UMNO Ministers dare not openly endorse it.How contemptible!

@giamsk Unbelievable! Now MCA come 4ward 2defend Utusan may not b wrong/its “ChristianMsia” bogey justified! Can MCA produce evidence?

@giamsk Utusan “reprimand” 4ChristianMsia bogey.Ridiculous penalty but MCA insists defend Utusan as it may be right. CSL official MCA stand?

@giamsk Did Hishammuddin direct CSL 2b Utusan surrogate defender? UMNO VP ordering MCA President what 2say on Utusan “Christian Msia” bogey?
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Police receive new account of ‘Christian conspiracy’

Aidila RazakMalaysiakini
May 13, 11

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar today said that a police report has been lodged which may contain new details on the alleged ‘Christian conspiracy’ as reported by Utusan Malaysia.

“I can confirm that a report was lodged in Penang this morning at 8.50am regarding the issue and the content has variasi (is different) from the other (reports lodged before).

“I urge all parties to not speculate as we are currently investigating the matter,” he told reporters at an urgent press conference in Bukit Aman.

As a result of the report, he said, more people will be called for their statements. Read the rest of this entry »


Hisham: ‘Some basis’ to Utusan’s report

By S Pathmawathy
May 13, 11 | Malaysiakini

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says there is “some basis” to Utusan Malaysia’s report on is a conspiracy to make Christianity the official religion of the country and install a Christian prime minister.

Hishammuddin said this in view of new evidence provided in a police report lodged in Penang today.

It is believed that he was referring to a police report this morning by Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman, a DAP member, who attended the function mentioned in the report.

Yesterday, the ministry issued Utusan a letter of reprimand over its front page article on May 7 titled ‘Kristian Agama Rasmi?’ (Christianity the official religion?).

The letter was handed to Utusan’s editor-in-chief Aziz Ishak yesterday, when he was called to the Home Ministry to give an exaplanation on the report.

Hishammuddin (right) said Aziz’s explanation was similar to the police report lodged today.

“He (Aziz) was saying that there is some truth to what is reported, and today I was informed that there is a police report (lodged) that there is some basis to (the Utusan report),” Hishammuddin told reporters at the launch of drug rehabilitation centre in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Read the rest of this entry »


Don: Mere warning shows Najib not serious

Tarani Palani | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: If Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is really serious about his 1Malaysia brainchild, he should have fired the Utusan Malaysia’s editors from the first day he took office, says Professor Abdul Aziz Bari.

He also took Najib to task for the lack of leadership over the Christian Malaysia issue, saying that Najib should have issued an apology to the Christian community for his lack of action.

“Najib should have apologised to them (the Christian leaders) for failing to take stern action like removing Utusan’s chief editor or editors. This is not the first time Utusan has come up with controversial issues like the 1Melayu, 1Bumi movement. It has been making a mockery of 1Malaysia,” Abdul Aziz, the International Islamic University law professor, told FMT.
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Husam: Taktik ‘talam dua muka’ Najib makan diri

FMT Staff | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: Ahli Jawatankuasa Kerja PAS Pusat Datuk Husam Musa menyifatkan pendirian Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dalam menangani isu ‘konspirasi Kristian’ hanya memakan dirinya sendiri.

Husam berkata Najib sebelum ini ‘merestui’ agenda Utusan Malaysia memainkan sentimen ‘bimbang’ (fear psychology) hanya untuk memastikan supaya orang Melayu kekal menyokong Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam pilihan raya akan datang sama seperti isu ‘tengkolok bersalib’ yang dikenakan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah menjelang pilihan raya umum tahun 1986.

“Namun apabila agenda ini bergerak memakan tuan dan langkah Utusan Malaysia ditolak oleh majoriti rakyat, Najib tiba-tba berubah mengambil watak bersikap lebih sederhana dan pertengahan,” kata exco kanan kerajaan negeri Kelantan itu.
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MCA: Presumptuous to assume Utusan’s guilt

Malaysiakini | May 13, 11

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said that it would be presumptuous to assume that Utusan Malaysia’s ‘Christian conspiracy’ report was wrong while investigations were still ongoing.

While stating that the party was of the opinion that the home ministry’s reprimand letter on Utusan Malaysia was insufficient, the proper way to address the issue was through a thorough police investigation.

Speaking during a press conference at the MCA headquarters today, Chua said that if the police probe concludes that the report was unfounded, then those who are responsible for the Utusan report should be suspended as a warning.

“I think police should investigate whether the report is true. If it is not true,whoever responsible for the article and the editor should be suspended.
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10 days in May (6)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

What abject subservience MCA! Still hope its true? MCA wants Utusan editor suspended if Christian claims false (TMI)

Utusan law unto itself! Enjoy absolute immunity/impunity despite seditious/treasonous crimes. Y? Becos Utusan editor >powerful than PM?

Principle: Collective ministerial responsibility. Entire BNgovt responsible 4farce of HomeMinistry handling Utusan “Christian Msia” outrage

Top agenda BN Supreme Council meet 2today shld be: Save 1Msia n demonstrate Najib govt fair 2all Msians n uphold rule of law re: Utusan case

Will honest fair patriotic BN leaders at BN Supreme Council resolve: Ask AG 2prosecute Utusan 4sedition inciting religious tension conflict?

CSL – most shameful! “how r u so sure what carried (Utusan) not true? If true ..should b investigated/exposed” Mkini


Media syaitan eksploit isu Kristian agama rasmi

Oleh Afiq Mohd Noor | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

Perkara 3(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan memperuntukkan bahawa Islam adalah agama bagi Persekutuan tetapi agama-agama lain boleh diamalkan secara aman dan harmoni.

Saya pasti ramai di antara kita yang sering mendengar peruntukkan ini, bahkan Perkara 3 (1) seringkali dibaca bersama-sama dengan Perkara 11 berkenaan dengan kebebasan beragama.

Belum pun reda dengan kontroversi penggunaan nama Allah dan Al Kitab, baru–baru ini kita digemparkan sekali lagi dengan laporan separuh masak Utusan Malaysia tentang usaha untuk menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi di Malaysia.
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Utusan Malaysia does not enjoy legal immunity

By G Vinod | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: The consensus is that Utusan Malaysia does not and should not enjoy immunity for its irresponsible reporting. Political party leaders feel that what the paper ran could have caused religious discord.

A common stand among the party leaders is that a mere warning to the paper is not enough.

DAP’s assistant national publicity secretary, Teo Nie Ching, said this was because its headline could have triggered a religious discord among Malaysians.

“(Prime Minister) Najib (Tun Razak) should prove to the public that Utusan Malaysia does not enjoy legal immunity for its irresponsible reporting,” Teo said in a statement.
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‘Don’t allow for a repeat of May 13′

By Teresa Kok | May 13, 2011
Free Malaysia Today

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of May 13 riots. It stands as a day of infamy, caused in part by misinformation to stoke the flames of discontent among the races being spread among the populace, leading to fear, anger and ultimately to destruction of property and deaths.

To ensure that this day does not repeat itself, the government must send a strong message that those guilty of spreading misinformation which divides multi-racial multi-religious Malaysia must stop or be made to stop.

Thus, I urge the government to take stern action against Utusan Malaysia for spreading its lies and misinformation with its utterly irresponsible and unconscionable reporting of its “Kristian agama rasmi?” frontpage story.
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Our secular Federal Constitution, with its Islamic aspects

By Pak Sako | May 13, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

MAY 13 — I respond to Professor Abdul Aziz Bari’s view regarding Islam and the Federal Constitution.

He gives his opinions on why the Federal Constitution and the Federation of Malaysia are not secular. I comment on his opinions.

I show why our Constitution and the Federation is secular, even whilst it acknowledges and appreciates the social and historic context of Islam in modern Malaysia.

1. Does the Constitution fit the definition of secular?

Professor Aziz does not define ‘Islamic’ or ‘secular’. Yet in his calculation the Constitution “may not be Islamic” but is “certainly not secular”.
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Bolehkah BN menang besar dengan menggunakan isu moral?

By Aspan Alias | May 08, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

8 MEI — Nampak cara pemimpin besar kita bercakap dan bergerak pilihanraya semacam dah nak dekat sangat. Kalau dikaji pula cara bergerak pemimpin pembangkang juga menambah keyakinan kita yang waktu untuk memilih siapa yang akan memerintah dan mentadbir negara sudah semakin hampir.

Yang paling menarik sekali ialah isu-isu yang dikeluarkan oleh kedua-dua pihak yang sedang berlumba-lumba mendapatkan keyakinan rakyat semakin panas dan menarik perhatian ramai termasuklah diri saya. Saya dapat agak banyak pandangan dari kawan-kawan yang serius memberi pandangan yang serius baik buruknya sesuatu isu bagi kedua-dua belah pihak itu.
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Putrajaya directed media to attack ‘Buku Jingga’

By Jimadie Shah Othman | May 13, 11

An internal memo leaked from Utusan Malaysia appears to point to the possibility that Putrajaya and Umno have a major say in the daily’s editorial direction.

The internal memo dated March 21, obtained by Malaysiakini, states that the Prime Minister’s Department had issued a special directive to all news organisations to attack two key documents of the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat.
The first is Pakatan’s joint policy statement, better known as the Buku Jingga (Orang Book), and a list of immediate reforms it has pledged to implement within 100 days of taking over the federal administration.
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Christian plot allegation part of larger narrative

By Shahril Hamdan | May 13, 11

The allegation of a plot to make Christianity the official religion in Malaysia is but the latest indication of a burgeoning and malignant Malay ethnic nationalism.

Whilst the anger towards Utusan is, of course, wholly called for, the problem at hand seems to have roots far deeper than the paper’s offensive, communalist and partisan journalism can account for.

I say this because such a preposterous charge could only have been leveled if it finds home in an antagonistic discourse of fear and ontological segregation. That discourse exists in the contemporary Malay discursive networks, and it appears to me to be fairly developed.
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Erti persabahatan Pakatan

By Wan Hamidi | May 13, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

Semua orang tahu PAS, DAP dan PKR tidak akan berganjak dari prinsip perjuangan masing-masing. Itu soal dasar parti. Komponen sekular MCA, Gerakan dan beberapa lagi parti dalam Barisan Nasional yang menolak Ketuanan Melayu pun masih boleh bersahabat dengan Umno walau pun dalam senyuman pahit.

Perbezaan ketara di antara PAS yang berpegang kepada Al-Quran dan Sunnah sebagai dasar politik dan DAP yang memperjuangkan demokrasi sosial bersifat sekular telah menjadi bahan kepada musuh politik mereka Umno untuk mengapikan permusuhan.

Yang tidak ditonjolkan oleh media arus perdana milik Umno dan Barisan Nasional ialah kesefahaman PAS, DAP dan PKR dalam Pakatan Rakyat yang berpegang kepada dasar bersama untuk menegakkan keadilan melalui demokrasi tulen yang menentang rasuah, salah guna kuasa, politik perkauman dan mempergunakan agama untuk kepentingan politik.
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An UMNO-owned Newspaper Inflames Malaysia

Asia Sentinel
Written by Our Correspondent | Thursday, 12 May 2011

Utusan Malaysia stirs the racial pot

A week ago, the Malay-language broadsheet Utusan Malaysia printed a story that is sending reverberations throughout an increasingly racially tense Malaysia, to the effect that Christian pastors were seeking to install a Christian prime minister who would change the country’s official religion.

Although the story was ridiculous on the face of it, it has been given wide circulation and drawn considerable comment as well as a series of police reports filed in local stations. Malaysia’s official religion, enshrined in the country’s constitution, is Islam although other religions are guaranteed freedom of existence. Any attempt to change that would probably result in a racial conflagration that no sane individual in Malaysia would want.
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