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Take weeks even months to know position


Lim Kit Siang
[Admin] LKS discharged after 4-day hospital – present PgCM LGE CKY LHS. Anwar Mansor Malek visited morng. Hourly home treatment. 2weeks off
6 May (5.08pm)

Lim Kit Siang
[Admin] After 5days “blind” left eye LKS begins 2c w +10% vision. Take weeks even months 2know how much sight recovery of dominant eye.
6 May (5.06pm)


Syarat Kemasukkan ke Ijazah Farmasi Lepasan Diploma Farmasi

YB Lim,

Per: Syarat Kemasukkan ke Ijazah Farmasi Lepasan Diploma Farmasi

Merujuk perkara di atas, dimaklumkan bahawa saya pelajar jurusan Diploma Farmasi semester terakhir Kolej Universiti (IPTS). Di sini saya ingin meluahkan kekecewaan terhadap sistem yang diguna pakai pada masa kini untuk pengambilan pelajar lepasan Diploma Farmasi ke peringkat IPTA atau IPTS bagi jurusan Ijazah Farmasi.

2. Apa yang menyedihkan ialah graduan dari jurusan Diploma Farmasi wajib mendapat CGPA 3.8 ke atas untuk layak mejejak kaki menara gading untuk melanjutkan pendidikan ke peringakat Ijazah. Sebelum saya memilih jurusan Diploma Farmasi, saya pernah dimaklumkan bahawa syarat untuk melanjutkan ke peringkat Ijazah adalah CGPA 3.0 sahaja. Tetapi kini semuanya telah berubah. Saya berasa sedih dan hala tuju saya untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat Ijazah dalam bidang Farmasi terbantut. Read the rest of this entry »


If it was Anwar, so what?

By P Ramakrishnan | Aliran’s President

The motive is to implant the impression in the minds of Malaysians that the performer in the sex tape is Anwar – to the extent that a senior police officer from Bukit Aman reportedly has been in Kelantan for several weeks meeting with principals and teachers and informing them it is Anwar who is in the tape.

Leaving aside the question if this is the paramount duty of the police in curbing violence and assuring our personal safety and security, a pertinent question to ask is, “Why is it so important for the police to implicate Anwar in this sex scandal?”

Just for argument’s sake, so what if it was Anwar? What law has he breached; what offence has he committed? Malaysians would want the police to state in clear terms what Anwar is guilty of as far as the sex tape is concerned. What section of the Penal Code is applicable to charge him for that particular offence?

Malaysians don’t want the police to go on a wild goose chase only to be told later on that there was nothing to it! Malaysians don’t want to be taken for a ride by the police. They want the police to state very clearly whether Anwar has a case to answer. They have to state this immediately to convince the Malaysian public that the police are not wasting their time on inconsequential issues. They have a duty to perform better and conduct themselves professionally. Read the rest of this entry »


The sex video comedy and the Malaysian malady

By Kee Thuan Chye

The sex video saga is really turning out to be a farce. It’s so funny you can’t help but laugh.

First, the ‘Datuk T’ trio who brought public attention to the video have been made the butt of countless jokes. Second, the police seem to be hesitant in revealing their findings even as the video has been leaked out and posted on YouTube and Umno-friendly blogs although the only copy is supposed to be in police custody.

And now one of the trio has taken the sumpah laknat. Last week, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah swore on the Quran to make us believe he is telling the truth in saying that the man in the video is Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. What’s going to happen next?

This act of swearing on the Quran is getting to be a trend. In 2008, Saiful Bukhari Azlan did it to attest he was sodomised by Anwar. That same year, no less than Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak himself also did it to have us believe he was never involved with Altantuya. Despite their gestures, many people are still sceptical.
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