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Horrible Disgusting: TV3 Prime News turns porn – will PM stand up for decency?


Let every BN Minister DyMin MP SA declare stand -agree w TV3’s disgusting porno? PM Najib – r u going 2draw a line on whats decent or not?

All parents lodge police rpts agnst TV3. Lets have nation-wide campaign 2protect homes/children from such disgusting TV fare/gutter politics

TV3 boss/all responsible 4terrible bad taste violating homes children w such disgusting snippets shd be sacked or InfoMinister Rais shd go

Ord decent Msians feel violated in their very homes w such disgusting TVfare – turning TV3 into pornographic channel. No child safe at home.

Horrible Disgusting Complaints from those who watched 8pm TV3 Prime News which showed latest snippet of so-called Anwar Carcosa sex video.


Polls watchdog reiterates S’wak vote-buying claim

By Lee Way Loon | Malaysiakini

Watchdog Sibu Election Watch (SEW) has refuted SUPP’s claim that the party had only been paying wages to Ibans who had gathered in front of its Sibu office on Monday.

SEW reiterated that their allegation of vote-buying against SUPP was based on what they saw and their interviews with more than 10 individuals at the scene.

Group coordinator Boney Wong who had conducted the probe with another colleague, told Malaysiakini that they had visited the site and interviewed the group before issuing a press statement on the incident.

She said the interviewees never mentioned they were there to collect wages from SUPP, or that they had worked for the party during the election campaign.

“What they told us was that they got (an upfront payment of) RM100 before voting day and that, if the BN candidate won, they would each be paid another RM400.
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By all means discuss merits or demerits of the DAP-SNAP proposal but don’t question integrity of DAP leaders

The DAP-SNAP proposal mooted as a direct result of the 416 Sarawak election results which saw an unprecedented political awakening of all Sarawakians, transcending race, religion or region, has attracted unprecedented interest and attention.

It has elicited a most diverse and divergent responses, from all-out opposition to all-out support.

There are those who say that SNAP has become a nonentity, as illustrated by its disastrous electoral performance in the recent Sarawak state general elections where SNAP failed to capture a single seat and its candidates lost their deposits in 24 of 26 constituencies contested.

That, furthermore, the total votes garnered by all of SNAP’s candidates combined were less than those garnered by independent candidates – and that SNAP came in last in almost all multi-cornered fights.
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Deputy IGP not doing image of police any good with his threat to “expose sex video performer” when public are aghast the three “Datuk Ts” have not been charged in court for various crimes they had publicly confessed

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar is not doing the image of the police any good with his threat yesterday to “expose” the Carcosa sex video performer.

The Malaysian public are outraged and aghast that after more than a month, the trio of “Datuk T”, namely former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Cik, Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Datuk Shuib Lazim have not been charged in court for various crimes for the Carcosa sex video public screening on March 21, which they had confessed also more than a month ago, and yet, the most serious matter occupying the minds of the police is to “expose the sex video performer”!

Who are the police really serving – the Malaysian nation and public by punishing crimes and upholding the rule of law or the Barisan Nasional/UMNO political masters to dance to their latest tune to use the police to plumb to the lowest dregs of gutter politics in the history of Malaysia?

If the latter, I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the police officers and rank-and-file will recoil and feel thoroughly ashamed because it further besmirches the independence, image, professionalism, integrity and reputation of the Royal Malaysian Police Force when the most pressing and urgent challenge facing the Malaysian police is to restore public confidence in its independence, integrity and professionalism after the worst blot on police reputation and the “blackest” chapter in police history – the Anwar Ibrahim “black eye” episode in Bukit Aman in 1998!
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Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #62

By M. Bakri Musa

Chapter 7: Enhancing Human Capital

Competition in the Public service

There should also be competition in the public service and society. Today for example, admission into the public administrative service is almost exclusively from the liberal arts stream. Widen the talent pool to include anyone with a degree; actively sought engineering and science graduate. With their quantitative skills they would make excellent managers.

Promotions within the civil service are exclusively from within, hence its present intellectual and professional insularity. Revamp the personnel policies that state you must have five years seniority before you can be promoted to a senior management (“superscale”) position. This unduly restricts the much-needed infusion of fresh talent at the upper levels. When one examines the resume of the heads of ministries (Secretaries General), they are almost always liberal arts graduates even in those ministries with high technical component like the Energy, Public Works, and Transportation. I would have thought that an MBA in finance would be the necessary qualification for a senior position at Treasury, but few in that department have this qualification. Thus this embarrassing response from a former senior Treasury official I met recently when we were discussing interest rates, “An interest rate hike of 5 to 6 percent represented only a 1 percent raise!” To those with even the minimal understanding of simple arithmetic, that represented a massive 20 percent hike!
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