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Suggest DAP and SNAP should seriously consider a merger to accelerate Iban/Dayak political awakening following the 416 Sarawak general elections

Political scientist Dr. Bridget Welsh in her article “The myths of Sarawak polls results” in Malaysiakini today has debunked two myths about the 416 Sarawak general elections:

  1. That the Chinese voters supported the Opposition while the non-Chinese voters endorsed the Barisan Nasional; and

  2. That the Opposition received support only in the urban areas while the rural areas are the haven of Barisan Nasional.

Nothing can be further from the truth in both cases.

The 416 Sarawak general elections saw not just a Chinese swing against the Barisan Nasional but also by other communities as well.

Bridget said preliminary findings of the 416 Sarawak general elections highlight that “the movement is greatest in mixed constituencies”, stressing:
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Najib’s 1 Malaysia circus — 1 email for every Malaysians

Tweets @limkitsiang:

Are Malaysians so IT-backward? All Malaysians to get official 1 Malaysia email a/c (TMI)
04/19/2011 02:26 PM

Will 1 use of 1M a/c get a 1M burger, 2nd use IM-Tshirt, 3rd use 1M-Tupperware? All Msians to get 1M email a/c (TMI)
04/19/2011 02:29 PM

Najib’s 1Malaysia circus plumbs new depth – Big Brother-ism gone mad! All Msians to get 1M email a/c (TMI)
04/19/2011 02:30 PM

Results Najib’s 1M circus (1)Msians more divided bcos of rhetoric race/religion under UMNO patronage (2)birth new army of 1M fortune hunters
04/19/2011 02:33 PM

Wow! Ripoff of the century! RM50 million 4newfangled 1M email a/c 4Msians that nobody wants. Couldn’t Najib put RM50 million 2better use?
04/19/2011 03:09 PM
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The myths of S’wak polls results

By Bridget Welsh

The dust has begun to settle on the 10th Sarawak polls with the BN touting its retention of the two-thirds majority as a victory, while Pakatan Rakyat points to the more than doubling of its seats. This was the most competitive state election in Sarawak’s history and was hard fought by both sides.

BN, led by Prime Minister Najib Razak essentially camped in the state for 10 days to assure the two-thirds, while the opposition also focused is national machinery in Sarawak, bringing in the top guns from Peninsular Malaysia and thousands of party workers.

A closer look at the results show that the opposition has made impressive ground, despite its failure to break the two-thirds threshold. Sarawak is no longer BN’s fixed deposit, and trends in mobilisation and support suggest that it is even more likely not to be so unless Sarawak BN radically changes how it governs.

Myth of Chinese-only swing
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DAP’s giant killer groomed by MCA

By Kuek Ser Kuang Keng | Malaysiakini

When assigned by then MCA president Ong Ka Ting to revive the party’s UK Club in 2005, Ling Sie Kiong never thought that he would one day become a candidate for the opposition.

More than that, he has turned ‘giant killer’ at the age of 28, unseating SUPP president and deputy chief minister Dr George Chan in the Sarawak election concluded on Saturday.

“I met Ong at Sheffield University when I was looking for sponsorship as president of the UK Malaysian Law Students Union,” said Ling in a phone interview, fresh from his electoral success.

“He suggested I revive the dormant MCA UK Club. My friends and I accepted the challenge. We then set up branches in different universities and also created a website for the club.”
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Why do Christians use the word Allah in their Malay language Bible and not tuhan?

By N H Chan

It is because Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God as the God of Abraham

Before we all get confused, it is necessary to point out at the outset that the word which is spelt ‘Allah’ is an English word because it is written in English. The word which bears the same spelling in the National Language is a copy of that word which was first spelt in English in the sixteenth century. The English word Allah is the phonetic spelling of the Arabic word for God.

We all know that the Malay word for god is tuhan. We also know that the God of the Muslims is Allah which is actually what this word sounds like in Arabic. Since most of us do not read or write Arabic, we tend to take the phonetic spelling of the Arabic word for God as used in English dictionaries. However, from the point of view of Christians, Christians worship the same God as Muslims do. The God of Christians and the God of Muslims is the same God as the God of Abraham. So that if you are a Christian, the choice of using the word Allah in their Malay language Bible is obvious since Christians also worship Allah which is the Malay language equivalent – since Malay uses the same English phonetic spelling – of the God of Muslims. In this country to be Malay is to be a Muslim.
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Kudos to Prof Bong and Prof Hanafiah of HUKM

Tweets @limkitsiang :

@UKM Specialist Centre where SohAhKee(Mrs PangHokLiong) underwent miraculous +12hr rare pancreatic cancer operation othr specialists decline
04/19/2011 11:20 AM

Ops on 8/4 830am to 845pm carried out by young HepatobiliaryPancreatic Specialist Prof BongJanJien n team – believed 1st such ops in region
04/19/2011 11:29 AM

Prof Bong n specialists in HUKM show our talents compare w best in world Msia must retain/inspire them 2stay instead of joining braindrain
04/19/2011 11:35 AM

Specialists in Spore Malaysia declined Whipple ops on SohAhKee cos she has tumour virtually encasing her arteries n too dangerous 2operate.
04/19/2011 12:15 PM
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10th Sarawak State Election 2011 Results – A Reflection For GE 13

By Richard Loh

My delayed comment on the Sarawak State Election results was because I was on the road the past few days. By now most of you must have read statements from party leaders from both sides, the winners and losers, the experts from the new media and of course the umno/bn controlled media as well.

Was there really a tsunami in this State Election? There was none and let me explain why.

A tsunami cannot happened by itself, it needs an action to trigger it. The recent tsunami in Japan was triggered by a 8.9 Richter Scale earthquake. A tsunami usually will not happened for earthquake less than 5 Richter Scale, it will just create ripples.

In my earlier posting I clearly mentioned that the wind of change in Sarawak was only ripples being formed and there can be no tsunami as yet.
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Sarawak election aftermath: Investigating Taib’s billions

by Koon Yew Yin | CPI Asia

The Sarawak election results have come and gone. It has not been able to change the power equation in the state which has for so long been under the control of Taib Mahmud. A combination of dirty tricks and the well-honed BN election firepower of goodies, spin and support from public and private sector bodies, including those that are supposed to be neutral stake players, helped ensure the victory. What lies ahead for the Chief Minister and his state?

During his three decades of rule, Taib – together with members of his extended family – amassed an enormous fortune whilst the great majority of the population sank further into poverty. Several years ago, Transparency International in its Global Corruption Report named 10 of the world’s most corrupt leaders, “whose corruption has contributed to their countries’ low economic status, placing them among the poorest on the planet” (Forbes magazine). At that time, Taib Mahmud’s name did not appear on the list.
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Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #61

By M. Bakri Musa

Chapter 7: Enhancing Human Capital

Sharpening Malaysian Competitiveness

Trajectory of Progress

Advancement or improvements in a society, like elsewhere, occurs along two patterns. One is the rare person or event that comes once in a while that will radically alter the way we look at things and solve problems. There is no way to predict or encourage this. Discoveries of the steam engines, and later the internal combustion engine, heralded the Industrial Revolution; the integrated circuit (IC) sparked the IT revolution. Similarly with rare individuals like Bill Gates or Ted Turner (the man who started the all-news network, CNN); you cannot train or nurture them. These are random and unpredictable occurrences.
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