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The Tragedy of Teoh Beng Hock – One Year Later

1 year anniversary of Teoh Beng Hock death

  1. Ceramah in Selangor-KL Chinese Assembly Hall. KL 16 July, 8pm (map)

  2. Candle light vigil at Speakers’ Square in Penang. 16 July, 8.30pm .

  3. On 17/7/2010 (Sat) 9am – Public Memorial Service in front of Beng Hock’s resting place at the Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih, Selangor. (map N3 01.970 E101 52.002)


‘Retirement will be the end of me’

By S Rutra | FMT

KUALA LUMPUR: Karpal Singh will be celebrating his 70th birthday tomorrow, and the DAP veteran is not even thinking about retiring from politics. In fact, the renowned lawyer and Bukit Gelugor MP believes that such a notion will literally herald the end for him.

“The day such a thought arises in my mind, that’s it, I might just collapse and that will be the end of me,” he told FMT.

Karpal, who was born on June 28, will be attending a big birthday bash tomorrow in his home state of Penang.

Although a road accident five years ago has left him confined to a wheelchair, the incident, according to Karpal, failed to dent his spirit and mental fortitude.
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Is MACC’s year-late condolence over Teoh Beng Hock’s death genuine?

Today Malaysians remember and mourn the unexpected and mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock a year ago at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters in Shah Alam after volunteering to co-operate with MACC investigations.

In an unusual move on Teoh Beng Hock’s first-year death anniversary, the MACC commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamad issued a short three-paragraph statement, which said:

“I represent myself and all members of MACC. We share the same sadness and disappointment with Teoh’s family over what happened on July 16, 2009.

“Although a year has passed since the unfortunate incident, we still feel the pain and sadness. As a father and an elder in the family, I can deeply feel the unbearable pain of losing a family member.”

Saying that the MACC will abide by the decision of the inquest, he said MACC will not compromise or shield anyone who is involved in the case.
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How to scare away investors – the Perkasa Way

By Dr Lim Teck Ghee | CPI

The government’s New Economic Model structural reform agenda is aimed at raising average annual growth to 6% until year 2015. While implementation of the agenda would be positive for Malaysia’s economic fundamentals, even the talk of reform has already provoked considerable political opposition.

When first introduced, the NEM was supposed to be Malaysia’s new selling point to local and foreign investors and the country’s passport to a better future. It now appears to be aborted before birth. Or at best, it appears to be a newly arrived baby in the critically ill ward, and needing an incubator and special attention if it is to survive at all.

Chief amongst its enemies has been Perkasa and Dr Mahathir Mohamad. From them emerged harsh talk about Malays losing power in the country and of Umno allowing the situation of Malay dominance to be so badly eroded that the community is facing a bleak and hopeless future.
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