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DAP: MP allocations better spent on scholarships

Humayun Kabir
Jul 3, 10

The DAP has slammed the additional project allocations to parliamentary constituencies totalling RM111 million, saying the money would be better spent on more scholarships to deserving students, our future assets.

Party supremo Lim Kit Siang lashed out at the BN government for squandering precious public funds for their personal political agenda instead of helping needy students.

He said more non-Malay students who deserve scholarships are not getting the opportunities, describing Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s 1Malaysia policy as hypocritical.

Lim praised party national vice chief M Kula Segaran – who is helping Indians secure Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships – for championing the rights of his community. Read the rest of this entry »


What 1Malaysia is Najib talking about when there is a recrudescence of most baseless, irresponsible, vicious and racist-charged allegations to provoke racial fear and confrontation?

1:40 Malay Non-Malay ratio of newly registered voters” is the latest example of a recrudescence of the most baseless, irresponsible, vicious and racist-charged allegations to provoke racial fear and confrontation which is completely inimical to the 1Malaysia policy proclaimed by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak since assuming the highest office in the land in April last year.

This allegation by the UMNO Youth Voter Registration Bureau was made the front-page screaming headline by Berita Harian on Monday (28th June 2010). It is a downright lie.

What is most shocking and irresponsible is that this lie was given endorsement by the Election Commission Deputy Chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar who was quoted by Berita Harian the next day (Tuesday 29th June 2010) as saying:

“Maka, apabila ketiga-tiga parti pembangkang itu agresif menarik pengundi baru mendaftar, memang betul kajian Umno yang nisbah pengundi baru Melayu yang mendaftar lebih kecil berbanding bukan Melayu kerana memang itu trendnya,” katanya kepada Berita Harian semalam.
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Whole country shocked into eerie silence by Najib’s marriage of NEW and NEP, but we must object strongly

By Dr Chen Man Hin, DAP life advisor


The proposal by Najib that the 30% bumiputra corporate equity would be maintained together with the NEM. Surprisingly the astounding marriage of two conflicting policies has not raised much reaction.

Are the people so shocked that they have lost their power of speech or writing at the amazing reversal of Najib’s crusade for reforms when he became Prime Minister, to become also a promoter of cronyism and rent seeking policies.

There seems to be absolute silence in Parliament from the honourable members, when they should be debating vigorously on the reckless decision of the Prime Minister to discard the recommendations of the NEM commission to dump rent seeking policies promoted by the NEP, which caused the economy to stagnate for 40 years, from the time it was introduced in 1971.
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Turning MACC into a law unto itself

By Tunku Abdul Aziz

A certain member of Parliament heading an MACC committee has suggested that MACC should not only be given more money, as if the tens of millions of ringgit of government funds already dished out are still insufficient, but also the power to prosecute cases investigated by that organisation itself. A monstrous idea even if the MACC had a reputation for the highest professional integrity which, of course, it hasn’t. The fact of the matter is that this much touted independent corruption fighting outfit modelled on the Hong Kong ICAC continues to be regarded with a degree of disdain.

The MAC does not enjoy the cachet and the public trust and confidence of the Malaysian public. Only corrupt politicians and public servants have complete trust in the MACC, but, sadly, for all the wrong reasons. Someone somewhere has to have his head examined for even thinking of making the MACC a law unto itself. Has the YB concerned not heard of the need for a system of checks and balances or the vital necessity of avoiding a conflict of interest situation in the conduct of public affairs as a means of reducing corruption? The whole harebrained suggestion is akin to allowing the Attorney-General to double as a judge in a case he has decided as AG to prosecute! He may well relish the idea, but will justice be served in the process? Or perhaps we don’t care.
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