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MACC now says TeohBengHuat merely a witness,why was he treated like criminal n interrogated from 7pm till 4am? What happened 2criminals?
07/16/2009 10:07 PM

Flowers candles and pictures of TeoBengHock. Assemblywoman for Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh weeping
07/16/2009 09:56 PM

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud: MP Kota Raja speaking
07/16/2009 09:53 PM

Crowd getting bigger. Klang MP Charles Santiago spoke. State Assemblyman Weng San speaking. Asked MACC on Khir Toyo.
07/16/2009 09:51 PM

MB Khalid, Excos Teresa, Auyong, Ronnie, MPs Gobind Tony, Nie Ching SAs Jenice Nik Nazmi at the demo. Police light strike force just arrived
07/16/2009 09:37 PM

An instant peaceful multiracial demonstrations by hundreds against unusual death of TeoBengHock at MACC going on now at Shah Alam MACC hqrs
07/16/2009 09:24 PM
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First case of death-in-custody in MACC HQ

Question: How did Sel Exco/Serdang SA Ean Yong Hian Wah’s political secretary, Teo Beng Hock in custody at 14th floor Sel MACC Hqrs since yesterday, died from fall?


Jul 16, 09 5:10pm
Teo Beng Hock, 30, an aide of Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, has plunged to his death at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Selangor headquarters in Shah Alam.

Teo’s body was found on the rooftop of a building next to the towering block which houses the MACC headquarters.

He was believed to have jumped from the 14th floor of the tower block where MACC Selangor is located.

Yesterday, Teo was taken to the MACC headquarters for questioning in relation to a probe concerning several Pakatan assemblypersons.

When the news broke, Pakatan leaders, including Ean, rushed to the building.

Other DAP leaders who are at the MACC headquarters included Ronnie Liu, Teng Chang Khim and Tony Pua.

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Parental campaign for option for their children to be taught maths and science in English in primary and secondary students should be respected by Cabinet Ministers and MPs

A parent C.W. Leong today sent me a petition he had started in his son’s school in Subang Jaya canvassing support for parents to be given the option for their children to be taught mathematics and science in English in primary and secondary schools, reporting good response.

This is Leong’s message to all parents who are against the abolishment of teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI):

We are the silent majority.

Our mistake is, we did not lobby loud enough in the first place.

This is a signature campaign to appeal to the Minister of Education, to review the decision to abolish PPSMI,


Give parents the option to choose English.

This campaign is by parents concerned for their children’s education.

Many parents are doing something similar to this in schools all over the country.

The more action taken, the better will be the results.

Please forward to as many parents as possible, and get as many signatures as possible.

Then send the petition to the address shown in the pdf attachment.

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An Open Letter to a Muslim Journalist “Spy”


I just read that recently you and a friend visited one of the churches that I belong to. I was surprised that you had to do it in disguise. You should have told the Catholic community there that you were coming and we would have given you a grand welcome.

Such was the experience of the MP for Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad from Pas, who was even given a standing ovation when he visited and had a dialogue with the parishioners of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam last year.

Some time back I was attending a Mass (Catholic worship) in a Catholic church in Petaling Jaya and was very moved by the presence of a group of Muslim students together with their Muslim professor who had taken them there as part of their “exposure programme”. None of them were converted.

You see we are not an underground church nor do we function in a clandestine manner. Our hearts are on the holy and not on the hideous. We even pray for Najib the PM, though I feel we do not pray enough for the Opposition. We also pray for people like you who do more harm than good to the name of your religion of peace, tolerance and compassion.

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Meeting with Hishammuddin on the need for a new IGP to fulfill Najib’s pledge of “People First. Performance Now” and provide new police leadership and culture to reverse the tide of crime in the past five years

I propose to meet the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein on the need for the country to have a new Inspector-General of Police to fulfill Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s pledge of “People First. Performance Now” and to provide new police leadership and culture to reverse the tide of crime in the past five years.

I will seek confirmation that Hishamuddin is backing Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s renewal for another term as Inspector-General of Police although he failed on all counts in his three years as IGP (one year as IGP and two years as renewal of his term) on what the Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission have outlined as the three core functions of an efficient, incorruptible, professional world-class police service – to keep crime low, eradicate corruption and protect human rights.

Musa is now talking about the police giving priority to stamp out street crimes, when this is one of his greatest failures as IGP in the past three years.

I don’t think Musa himself can remember the number of times he had declared an “all-out war against crime” in the past three years which have all ended up in “all thunder but no rain”!

If an IGP with such dismal KPIs on the core functions of the police service could have his term renewed a second time, all the talk of Prime Minister Najib of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” would be totally discredited.

Dare Musa make public his report card of what he had achieved in his three years as IGP in the three core police functions outlined by the Police Royal Commission?

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Let Tee Keat tell PAC – which of the three Transport Ministers since 2002 must bear greatest responsibility for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?

The Malaysiakini headline “Liong Sik’s memory lapse impairs PAC meeting” tells it all – and it was what I had anticipated.

In my statement dated 5th July, 200, I had cautioned Ling against competing with his old boss, Tun Dr. Mahathir in a contest of selective amnesia when appearing before probes into their dubious past – as Mahathir had said “I cannot remember” or its equivalent 14 times during his 90-minute testimony before the Lingam Videotape Royal Commission of Inquiry in January last year.

How many times did Ling say “I cannot remember” or its equivalent in his two-hour appearance before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) inquiry into the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal?

I understand that Ling beat Mahathir’s record of selective amnesia at the PAC inquiry yesterday. With his PAC testimony, Ling has formally inaugurated the Three Tuns for Selective Amnesia comprising Tun Mahathir, Tun Ling and Tun Eusuff Chin, the former Chief Justice who said “I cannot remember” or its equivalent 18 times in his testimony before the Lingam Videotape Royal Commission of Inquiry last year.
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The next general election is for Pakatan Rakyat to lose

by Hussein Hamid

I could write about what Anwar (as in Ibrahim) and what he represents for the many Malaysians who yearns for a Malaysia that is free from corruption, nepotism and all the promises that a ‘Man who would be King’ can promise before his ascent to the throne..but I will not.

I can write about Mahathir and what he has done for our country in the years he has been in power – that he has made Malaysia into a conglomerate that made strange bedfellows of business and politics – where his brand of ‘take no prisioners’ reign tolerated no opposition to his rule – where UMNO and himself was the ruler par excellance…but I will not.

I can write about Pak Lah who came in with a bang and left without even a whimper…but I will not.

I can write about Najib, Rosmah, Altantuya, leaping frogs and things that go bump in the night – but I will not.

I am no card carrying member of the “I am a Melayu/Bumiputra” brigade but I am a Melayu that has benefited greatly from the largeness of UMNO in the years that it has effectively dominated the politics of our country.
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