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A reply to Benjamin

BY Eddy

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for forwarding this email of yours.

Although there is no doubt that my sympathies lie with the DAP. I need to clarify that I am not, and was never a member of any political party. I did once toy with the idea of signing up, but that was about as far as my political ambitions went. Nevertheless, I never stopped admiring Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and his son, Guan Eng given their courage, honesty, selflessness, sacrifice and tenacity

The arguments contained in your email are persuasive and interesting. To be fair to DAP though, I think the party has already embarked on the very path that you are advocating. After all these years, I believe they are quite aware of the political landscape.

With the benefit of hindsight, I think Kit Siang – more idealistic than politically savvy at that time – overstretched himself in wooing the Malay votes. He paid a high price and almost led his party to the wilderness after attempting to forge a united front with PAS during the 1999 general election. Ideologically, the two parties were much too far apart. The unholy alliance merely served to rouse the fear and distrust of DAP traditional supporters. Besides, floating Chinese voters throughout the country deserted DAP in droves during the subsequent election, and the party was badly trounced.

From my personal observation of the recent general election, I think the DAP have finally got it right this time. The party stalwarts made a very wise (and strategically correct) move in throwing its full support behind Anwar Ibrahim’s Keadilan. Despite their bad experience with PAS, they still managed to convince members to once again put away personal and party’s interests to form a united opposition front with Keadilan and PAS. To achieve that, I believe the DAP made significant electoral concessions (far more than PAS was prepared to give in return). I would therefore be surprised if anyone would accuse DAP for lack of trying. Read the rest of this entry »


An Open Letter to all DAP Leaders and Members

By Mr. Loi Bih Siang Benjamin
Political Scientist

The majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mis-managed the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!

Without doubt, DAP has struggled and fought fearlessly and tirelessly over the past 4 decades aspiring to build a democratic and progressive Malaysia regardless of race and religion. However, I can only conclude that over the past 4 decades, DAP has completely failed to fight against the UMNO hegemony in the country.

DAP had never prepared itself to be the alternative of BN until 08 March 2008. And we have to acknowledge that DAP had been dragged and manipulated by UMNO to become or at least seen to become a Chinese-Chauvinist political party. The fact is that without PAS or Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will NEVER be able to engage the Malay electorate. The leadership of DAP has long been luxuriating in being recognized as the ‘Chinese Hero’ or ‘Non-Muslims’Rights Defender’.

Since DAP’s inception in 1966, the Party has failed to recognize the basic and simple fact that it is the Malays who decide the sort of leaders they want and they have voted UMNO in for 12 consecutive General Elections. Read the rest of this entry »


Irene’s triumph after 13-year ordeal – two measures to give full meaning

Irene Fernandez has finally triumphed and been vindicated after a 13-year ordeal with the Sword of Damocles of a disenfranchising prison sentence hanging over her head for doing her duty to uphold truth and justice – the publication of the memorandum “Abuse, Torture and Dehumanised Conditions of Migrant Workers in Detention Centres” in 1995.

I had highlighted Irene’s expose of the torture, ill-treatment and deaths in the immigrant detention centres.

Instead of thanking her for revealing the truth of the shocking conditions in the detention centres, Irene was arrested and prosecuted under Section 8A (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 for publishing “false news”.

Irene’s acquittal is not the result of any change of heart or reformist impulse in the system of justice, whether involving the Attorney-General’s Chambers or the judiciary, but because of sheer incompetence and ineptitude in the system of justice after a grave miscarriage of justice in the charging of Irene 13 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »