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Stop and dismantle Umno political hegemony, deny Barisan Nasional two-thirds majority

(12th General Election Nomination Day statement by DAP Ipoh Timur parliamentary candidate Lim Kit Siang in Ipoh on Sunday, 24th February 2008)

This 12th general election, unlike the previous 11 general elections, is not just about the next five years but a vote about the first 50 years of Malaysian nationhood and the next 50 years!

To many Malaysians, this general election is the last hope for change and an acid test whether there is a future for the building of a democratic, competitive, multi-racial, multi-religious, secular and just nation which our forefathers pledged to build through the Merdeka “social contract”.

It will be the clincher in the decision-making of many Malaysians whether there is hope to build a democratic, just and competitive Malaysia or there will be a new exodus of braindrain of the best and brightest of Malaysians to other lands in despair at any possibility that all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, can have an equal place under the Malaysia sun. Read the rest of this entry »


Nomination papers submitted

Flash – Nominations for Ipoh Timor parliamentary and three state assembly constituencies of Pasir Pinji, Canning and Tebing Tinggi accepted without objections – a one-to-one fight.

Nominations papers for Ipoh Timor submitted to Returning Officer at Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh Nomination Centre at 9.07 am. Also submitted are nomination papers for Thomas Su Keong Siong (Pasir Pinji), Wong Kah Woh (Canning) and Ong Boon Piow (Tebing Tinggi).

This was followed by the submission of the nomination forms for the Barisan Nasional candidates.

Awaiting for conclusion of nomination process, with nomination closed in 10 minutes’ time, followed by one hour for objections.

The curtain rises for the Electoral Battle of the Century – which is just not about the next five years but a vote about the first 50 years of Malaysian nationhood and the next 50 years.


Kit Siang’s Team for Ipoh Timur

We need people to assist in the following:

(A) Ipoh Timur Elections Operation Centre Administrative Assistants

Volunteers will work in shifts of 9am to 1pm; 1pm to 5pm; 5pm to 9pm

(B) Polling and Counting Agent

Job description:

  • Polling agent sits in a polling stream (the classroom where the voting takes place) and observes the voting process. Each school may have a different number of polling streams (saluran mengundi) depending on the number of voters in that area.
  • Counting agent observes the counting of the votes when polling closes at 5pm. Two counting agents are needed for each saluran.

Minimally, 300 personnel are required for the above two jobs. Read the rest of this entry »