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Caretaker government suit may be filed tomorrow

Thanks to all for views on whether the “caretaker government” public interest litigation should be instituted.

Time does not permit me to respond to the good arguments canvassed on both sides. The caretaker government suit may be filed tomorrow.

Thanks also to those who have pledged financial support to the suit. Your financial donation will be sought on this blog shortly.


Release Dr. Basmullah immediately as he has paid over RM21,000 fine with 16 days’ jail

In asking the medical fraternity not to blame him for the jailing of Dr. Basmullah Yusom who failed to register his clinic under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act (PHFSA) 1998, former Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek is guilty of a grave injustice to Dr. Baharom.

Chua said the PHFSA was never intended to criminalize doctors. He said PHFSA, which came into force on May 1, 2006 when he was Health Minister, was intended to weed out bogus doctors who posed a threat to public health and safety.

Now that a qualified doctor, who has an annual practicing certificate issued by the Malaysian Medical Council has been criminalized and sentenced to three months jail for his inability to pay RM120,000 fine, why has Chua failed to speak up firstly, to admit that the enforcement of the PHFSA should be suspended until there is iron-clad guarantee that there would not be another case of criminalizing of a doctor like that of Dr. Basmullah; and secondly, that it is grossly unjust for Dr. Basmullah to spend another day in jail. Read the rest of this entry »