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Why Rais Yatim shouldn’t drive the Information Department vans around the bend

by Dr Mustafa K Anuar
Honorary Secretary, Aliran
| 10 April 2013

Aliran roundly condemns Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim’s recent indefensible justification for the Barisan Nasional’s blatant use of government machinery for its election campaigning in the run-up to the general election.

What was done had nothing to do with the functions of the caretaker government. The three Information Department vans were there to assist the BN coalition to prepare for the opening of the BN’s election command centre for the Batu parliamentary constituency on Sunday. Government machinery was definitely used for party purposes.

It is crucial that all parties concerned must acknowledge and respect the demarcation line between party and government use to prevent abuse of power and to ensure a level playing field between the incumbent coalition and its contenders.

Surely, it doesn’t take a legally trained person to realise that it is immoral for a caretaker government to take undue advantage of its incumbency in this callous manner.
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M’sia Scores A First in Movie Ratings

By Martin Jalleh


BN — a stable of stale, stunted, stultified, spent and short-of-intelligence politicians!

By Martin Jalleh


What has been “transformed” — is Rais himself!

By Martin Jalleh


Rais: Deferment of Tanda Putera decided by cabinet

by Zulaikha Zulkifli
Nov 8, 2012

The decision to postpone the airing of the film Tanda Putera to next year was made by the cabinet, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim.

Rais said the decision was made after the cabinet ministers found that there were elements that are “inappropriate” to be screened.

“The cabinet has decided for the benefit of the people, that the official premiere of the film is postponed as it contains scenes that may cause conflicts.

“This is because it shows the tragedy of May 13 which is disputed by various parties,” he added.

He said this in reply to reporters after launching the state Himpunan Kasih Sayang at Kampung Puah Lembah this evening. Read the rest of this entry »


RM100 mil spent in one day: Cut Rais Yatim’s pay

June 13, 2011

‘Why is there no action when a minister made a wrong decision and wasted taxpayers’ money? Cut Rais Yatim’s pay by RM10 for his decision.’

Artiste Day: ‘Rais blew half year’s budget in 1 day’

Just Me: Waste is the name of the game. Of the RM100 million, maybe only 20 percent goes to the real project.

Indeed, the petrol subsidy is not really subsidy. We have paid in advance for it in the form of car taxes, which is the highest in the region. So giving some back is not a subsidy. In Thailand, which has a smaller passenger car market, they have no local car producer, but their auto industry is much bigger than Malaysia and employ more people.
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