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Malaysia’s Stunning Street Art: The Coolest Murals and Where to Find Them

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August 10, 2015
By David Hogan/Malaysia Asia

In recent years, street art in Malaysia has picked up quite a bit, and you’ll now find murals and paintings by both local and international artists.

While this form of art has been alive and well in many other areas of the world for decades, the movement in Malaysia really got rolling in 2012, when Ernest Zacharevic created six murals for Penang’s George Town Culture festival. The paintings were so popular that the BBC even called him the Banksy of Malaysia. Today, there are many cities around the country following in Penang’s footsteps, calling on locals of all ages to add new life to their walls. For visitors, that means it’s easy to find these open-air museums; since they are usually located in high tourist areas, you barely have to look around. But you do need to know which towns and cities to start in. Here are some of my favorites:


Penang artist Ernest Zacharevic has been called the Banksy of Malaysia. (Photo: Ernest Zacharevic)

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@ “The Smiling Warrior – Kit Siang” comedy

Monti and Logi presents Kit Siang

limkitsiang: At Actors Studio Lot 10 4latest “Kit Siang” Fair game
about 2 hours ago
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Home Ministry bans T shirts


On 2nd June 2009, the Publications & Quranic Texts Division of the Home Ministry raided my T-shirt stall in Central Market for the 3rd time and seized 83 shirts they claim are “obscene and contain Communist elements”. You can see the images they confiscated by following this link…

That the Ministry is clamping down on items they allege glorify (Chinese) Communism at the very moment our beloved leader is grinning for photocalls with the flatcaps in Beijing is flash-bulb irony so blinding it requires uncommon talent to miss it. The Ministry, of course, missed it by a mile.

Not many people know this but lightweight, low level officers of the Publications & Quranic Texts Division are entrusted with absolute power to make on-the-spot judgments about what is obscene, subversive, subliminally seditious, distasteful, inartistic, drug drenched, Communist, radical, Swedish. Er, ok, maybe not Swedish, Read the rest of this entry »


Hero worship


An arts space with a reputation for championing freedom of expression honours five people who have gone above and beyond in the pursuit of free speech this year.

FOR the past year or so, arts hub The Annexe Gallery at Central Market in Kuala Lumpur has been busy with an art bazaar called Art For Grabs during which independent vendors gather to sell all manner of arts and crafts, from homemade jewellery to framed amateur photos.

The bazaar started on quite an ad-hoc basis, according to the gallery’s programme director Pang Khee Teik. “It has been quite successful and we plan to have them at least three times a year in future,” he enthuses.

Seizing the opportunity to reach a captive audience lured by retail therapy, Pang put together a variety of educational outreach events spanning art house film screenings and public lectures and forums to edgy, alternative exhibitions that run concurrently with the bazaars.

These outreach programmes had socio-political themes and featured heavyweight intellectuals – such as history scholar Farish Noor, indie filmmaker Amir Muhammad, and playwright Jit Murad, to name a few – who chaired forums on a wide array of themes, from debating local films to alternative sexualities.

“It’s a good way of bringing people together to hear about political issues because we do attract many who come to browse at the stalls at Art For Grabs. We want to offer them more than just shopping,” says Pang.

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Vintage Hainam cuisine gone? Go to Sukico, Uptown

Pleasantly surprised that tucked away in a bakery in Uptown (Damansara Utama) is to be found vintage and delicious Hainam cuisine.

Strongly recommend Sukico (Suki – Hainamese for “mate”) – time for it to get a full Malaysian exposure and not just to the regulars who realize where to get a culinary bargain both in price and good food.

Originally at No. 26, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, PJ, Sukico Hainam Café has moved a road away to share premises with Suki Bakery Mart at No. 59G, Jalan SS 21/60, Damansara Utama (tel: 03 – 77288381). (Map)

Met the owner, “Cowboy” H.H.Tan, 69, (012-2777138) who has a great story to tell of his past exploits leading to his establishment of Sukico Hainan Café.

Sukico’s signature dishes include the claypot stew (lamb and chicken) as well as Chicken Cordon Bleu and chicken chop (authentic style). It also serves full-course English breakfast. Read the rest of this entry »