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Hadi should substantiate his allegations that the DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Islam, communist, and promoting Islamophobia or retract his allegations, or be proved to be an irresponsible and immoral political leader who is prepared to make all sorts of preposterous allegations to serve his own political interest

(Versi BM)

The Amanah President, Mohamad Sabu, had called the PAS President, Hadi Awnag as the “biggest liar in the world”.

Speaking at a Kuala Kedah ceramah on Thursday night, Mohamad Sabu said PAS won a large number of seats in the 15th General Election by creating a false perception against the Pakatan Harapan and said:

“In GE15, PAS won big because PAS is the biggest liar in the world.

“The biggest liar is also its president Hadi Awang.

“He is an ulama but in his ripe old age, he has become a liar and the Malays believed his lies.”

Three days have passed and there is no rejoinder from Hadi to Sabu.

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