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#kerajaangagal158 – What is the use of talking about any Covid-19 National Recovery Plan when there is no plan for Malaysia to avoid joining the Covid-19 “millionaire club of nations” and 10,000-11,000 fatalities between National Day and Malaysia Day?

(Tatal ke bawah untuk kenyataan versi BM)

The Chinese Communist Party celebrated its 100th anniversary with a 70,000-strong crowd at Tiananman, Beijing last Thursday, and it’s a sign of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic that everyone was maskless at the celebration.

The United States celebrated its July 4 Independence Day anniversary in Washington with a the largest planned event of the Biden presidency – some 1,000 people at a White House barbecue honouring Covid-19 pandemic first responders, essential workers and military personnel – celebrating and worrying at the same time US “independence from Covid-19” as the United States is still averaging hundreds of Covid-19 deaths each day although new cases and deaths are down by more than 90 per cent from their peak in January. Read the rest of this entry »

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