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Let Veveonah Mosibin be Malaysia’s Greta Thunberg to inspire youths in Malaysia and the world to spearhead change to eliminate digital poverty — time to empower the millennials in Malaysia

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I had suggested that the Federal and Sabah state governments should set up a task force headed by Veveonah Mosibin to immediately conduct a survey in Sabah to ensure that having to spend 24 hours on a tree top or causing the collapse of suspension bridge in the Sabah interior for youths to get better Internet access for their education would be a thing of the past.

I said Malaysia will make world news if the RM81.5 million earmarked for revival of the propaganda unit known as the Special Affairs Department (JASA) in the 2021 Budget is switched to fund the Federal-State Government Task Force headed by 18-year-old Veveonah Mosibin to resolve the kinks in Internet access in all the remote kampungs in Sabah interior to facilitate online education during the Covid-19 epidemic. Read the rest of this entry »

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