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First item of business for the 27-day budget meeting of Parliament starting on Nov. 2 is to set up an Opposition-headed Parliamentary Select Committee on Covid-19 to monitor the public health, economic and nation building crisis of Covid-19

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Two months ago during the last parliamentary meeting, I asked whether the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the Health Minister, Dr. Adham Baba whether they will give top priority to ensure that a Parliamentary Select Committee on Covid-19 would be set up to monitor the public heath, economic and nation-building crisis of Covid-19.

It is a serious dereliction of duty by both the Prime Minister and the Health Minister that this has not been done, resulting in a leadership vacuum to inspire public trust and confidence to rally all Malaysians, regardless of political affiliation, to wage a single-minded war against the Covid-19 virus for the public health wellbeing of the country, as well as to ensure a sustainable bounce-back of the Malaysian economy after the ravages of over seven months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even more important, to ensure that the process of nation-building is given top priority.

At that time, the cumulative global total of Covid-19 infections had just passed the 20 million mark.
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