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Youth is a state of mind – urgent need to unite Malaysians irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or geography to build a New Sabah and a New Malaysia

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First of all, let me congratulate Syed Saddiq for showing the way that Malaysia needs new thinking, that we must be colour-blind and cannot be bound by narrow views about nation-building, that we cannot and should not imprison ourselves by racial or religious exclusivity.

Syed Saddiq is forming a political party of youths.

But youth is a state of mind. There are young people who have very old thinking and old people with very youthful ideas.

Youth therefore cannot be defined by chronological age. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cabinet on Wednesday should place Keningau Batu Sumpah and its three commitments on religious freedom, land and adat istiadat of Orang Asal on the agenda of the new Special Committee on MA63

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The solar power system for Tamu Sangadau in Kepayan is evidence of the DAP and Warisan Plus’ commitment to help the ordinary people in the country.

It was yesterday revealed that according to the Statistics Department, Sabah has the highest poverty rate in the country last year at 19.5 per cent when the national poverty rate was only 5.6%, and that about 40 per cent of the indigenous people in the State are poor or below the Poverty Line Income (PGK).

Tongod, Pitas and Kota Marudu are among the poorest districts in the country with poverty at about 50 per cent.

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