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Fake news and hate speech an urgent challenge as they can not only destroy Pakatan Harapan Government but Malaysia’s hopes to become a top world-class nation

The topic tonight “Democracy in a Polarised Age” is most relevant.

For over a decade, democracy in the world is in retreat, despite isolated reverses as witnessed in Malaysia last year and recently in the presidential elections in Indonesia.

In Malaysia, the hopes of Malaysians for the first peaceful and democratic transition of power in six decades to reset nation-building policies to build a New Malaysia have turned sour and there is an urgent need for the realisation of the promises and pledges of the Pakatan Harapan Manifesto in the 14th General Election.

We are in a very polarised age, not only in Malaysia but worldwide and the problem has taken a new shape in the era of the Internet, celebrating its 30th anniversary.

A few days ago, the inventor of the world wide web, Tim Beners-Lee announced a global plan to save the web. Read the rest of this entry »