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Apology to Wee Ka Siong – I did not realise his intellectual capabilities and standards are as low as other MCA leaders

I must apologise to the MCA President, Datuk Seri Dr. Wee Ka Siong as I had not realised that his intellectual capabilities and standards are as low as the other MCA leaders.

When I lamented on Tuesday that the national education curriculum needed an overhaul as it was producing political leaders “who do not understand a simple statement, reading what is not there at all”, I had not included him in the category.

Last Thursday, I had said in Luoyang, Henan that the DAP will never become MCA2 as DAP leaders will not be as spineless as MCA leaders and that DAP will not hesitate leaving the Pakatan Harapan coalition government if the objective of New Malaysia was abandoned.

I observed in Kuala Lumpur on Christmas Day that my Luoyang statement sent the Opposition into sixes and sevens, feeding on their fevered imagination, with a PAS leader trying to provoke the DAP to quit Pakatan Harapan, while one MCA leader urged the DAP to “”grow a backbone” to exit the government and another MCA leader “hit the jackpot” and unconsciously condemned all MCA leaders with the statement that DAP did not qualify to be MCA2.
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