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A month of strange politicking in Malaysia

While Malaysians breathe a new air of freedom and re-birth on May 9, 2018, taking tentative steps in the making of a New Malaysia, it was also a month of strange politicking by certain political forces whether of the previous incumbency or those who had hoped to be “kingmaker” to prop up the previous incumbents.

This is best illustrated by the news that the fallen Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, was setting up court as an alternative UMNO power centre by establishing an office because of a deluge of visitors from supporters, friends, UMNO members and UMNO leaders from across the country “to convey their good wishes, show support and ask for opinions on current affairs”.

There was not an ounce of compunction or penitence for the wrong he had wrought to Malaysia or the destruction he had done to UMNO/Barisan Nasional, unlike his cousin who announced yesterday that he was fully aware that the GE14 results signaled the need for drastic reforms in UMNO and that he will not be offering himself as a candidate for any position at the UMNO national elections at the end of this month or the more apocalyptic scenario of middle-rung UMNO leaders likening UMNO’s present situation as like a “sunken ship” that sorely needed a new captain to salvage it and chart a new course. Read the rest of this entry »