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Pakatan Harapan Government at Federal and State levels must look after the interests of all Malaysians, including those who have not voted for PH, to demonstrate that the PH is a government for all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region or political opinion

History was made in Malaysia on May 9, 2018, and the world sat up amazed when Malaysians took the first important step to become a normal democratic country, where the people could peacefully and democratically change government without violence, chaos or catastrophe.

It is to the eternal credit of Malaysians, that we are capable of giving the nation a second chance to rebuild a new Malaysia.

Sixty-one years ago, when the country attained Merdeka in 1957, and 55 years ago when Malaysia was formed in 1963, we set out as a young nation, brimming with hope and confidence, dedicated, in the words of the Merdeka Proclamation 1957 and reaffirmed in the Malaysia Proclamation six year later, that the nation “shall be for ever a sovereign democratic and independent State founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of its people and the maintenance of a just peace among all nations”.

We promised to ourselves that the nation will be “a beacon of light for a disturbed and distracted world”.

But we lost our way and became instead a black hole of kleptocracy and kakistocracy. Read the rest of this entry »

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