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A Pakatran Harapan Government in Putrajaya will prove in five years that it is better than UMNO/BN government for all Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans or Orang Asli or the voters can re-elect a UMNO/BN government in 15GE

What in a nutshell is the reason why there must be a change of government in Putrajaya in the next 14th General Election?

Has Malaysia fulfilled our Merdeka Dream 1957 and Malaysia Dream 1963 to be a shining example to the world of an united, successful, harmonious, democratic, progressive and prosperous plural society of diverse races, religions, languages and cultures?

We have not, as we are wracked by growing extremism, intolerance and bigotry resulting in the worst racial and religious polarization in the nation’s history, with more and more Malaysians, particularly in Sabah and Sarawak, questioning the violations of the bedrock principles of the Malaysian constitution and nation-building.

What is worse, we have become a global kleptocracy – and this is the first time in the 14 general elections in 60 years of the nation’s history that electorate is being presented starkly with the choice: “Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan kleptokrasi”. Read the rest of this entry »