UMNO leaders must learn to be responsible Malaysian leaders and stop making baseless accusation against political opponents as anti-Malay or anti-Islam, when in my 52 years in politics, I have never accused any UMNO leader as anti-Chinese, anti-Indian or anti-Buddhism, anti-Christianity or anti-Hinduism

Tomorrow, Malaysians celebrate Deepavali.

For six decades, we have failed to leverage as inheritors of the greatest civilizations in the world to build on their strengths and achievements instead of being blinded by their faults and vices.

We inherit the greatest accomplishments of mankind represented in the great civilizations in human history which meet in confluence in Malaysia, and we should be a shining example to the world of unity in diversity.

Let us benefit from the unique character and strength of Malaysia as a plural nation of diverse races, religions, cultures and languages and not be wracked by worsening racial and religious polarization in the country.

It is no use issuing Deepavali messages every year about the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil when we continue to practice and preach the politics of distrust and hatred based on a most irresponsible exploitation of the politics of race and religion.

UMNO leaders should learn to be more responsible Malaysian leaders and stop making baseless accusations against political opponents as anti-Malay or anti-Islam when in my 52 years in politics, I have never accused any UMNO leader as anti-Chinese, ant-Indian or anti-Buddhism, anti-Christianity or anti-Hinduism.

I am 76 years old I can say from my experience that there is immense human goodwill and solidarity among the people on the ground, transcending race and religion, and there is no anti-Malay, anti-Chinse, anti-Indian, anti-Kadazan or anti-Iban feelings, just as there is no anti-Islam, anti-Buddhism, anti-Hinduism or anti-Sikkhism sentiments.

It is a handful of irresponsible politicians who want to incite sentiments and hatred along racial or religious lines, solely to protect or strengthen their political positions.

For a start, to ensure that in Malaysia, light can triumph over darkness and good over evil, let all political leaders set the example of not hurling baseless accusations against political opponents of being anti-Malay or anti-Islam or anti any race or any religion just for the sake protecting their political interests – for it is the larger Malaysian national interests which will biggest victim of such irresponsible politicking along racial and religious lines.

(Speech at DAP kopitiam dialogue in Tasik Permai, Lembah Jaya on Tuesday, 17th October 2017 at 9.30 am)

  1. #1 by good coolie on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 - 11:52 pm

    It is good for Malaysia if we have a two-party system instead of one party dominating and bullying all other parties. I am sure the next elections would see a change in government with UMNO being a strong opposition. UMNO fellows will get used to sitting in the opposition benches in Parliament, “believe me, believe me.” They are already doing this in State Legislative Assemblies in Kelantan, Penang and Selangor.

    This strong opposition/two-party system idea has, very recently, been supported by none other than Mahatir. Previously, when he was in UMNO, he had poo-pooed strong opposition.

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