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Citizens’ Declaration is “work in progress” by patriotic Malaysians to Save Malaysia and it is going to be long, grueling and arduous task which can only succeed with support from overwhelming majority of Malaysians transcending race, religion, region or politics

After 27 years of imprisonment at Robbens Island, Pollsmoor and Victor Verster Prisons, Nelson Mandela emerged from 10,000 days of incarceration urging that “all those of us who are hostages of the past must transform ourselves into new men and women who shall be fitting instruments for the creation of the glorious new South Africa which is possible and necessary to realise”.

These words by Nelson Mandela bear pondering and reflection by Malaysians at this juncture of Malaysia’s national development.

Hishammuddin Rais said he had been talking for a year about the need for a United Front to combine all forces to bring about changes in the country.

I myself have been talking for over two years about the need to Save Malaysia, and in March last year, I had zeroed on the need for a Save Malaysia Coalition to bridge the racial, religious, regional and political divides in the country.

The ideas about the need to Save Malaysia have been in the air for quite some time, for the country had been in serious straits after the 13th General Elections, with increasing complexity and intensity in the multitude of political, economic, good governance and nation-building crises building up in the country. Read the rest of this entry »


PAS, oppose a corrupt and oppressive gov’t, not DAP

by Syerleena Abdul Rashid
24th March 2016

COMMENT It is most unsettling that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang would continue to demonise DAP in such an uncouth manner by using religion and race to push through his party’s far right wing agenda.

Given the present stream of hateful rhetoric out there, it is only inevitable and expected that some politicians much like Hadi would exploit the conservative political agenda that only reinforces Umno’s ‘divide and rule’ tactic.

Recently, through Utusan Malaysia, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had called for the unification of Malays to oppose opposition party DAP, whom according to him, “has bigger plans, more than just controlling the economy” – insinuating that the Muslim Malays in this country will suffer great oppression in the hands of a ‘Chinese chauvinist’ party.

As slanderous as it sounds, remarks like this verify the intricacies of fear mongering by unscrupulous political leaders and this is extremely harmful.

Malaysians must understand that proponents of conservative views necessitate rational discourse based on facts that are absolutely free from emotions and pious fervor. Malaysia is in fact a multicultural country where Islam and Malay rights are protected in our federal constitution. Read the rest of this entry »