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DAP at 50: Where do we go from here?

― Lim Kit Siang
Malay Mail Online
February 19, 2016

FEBRUARY 19 ― I don’t think anybody ever asserted that the DAP should sacrifice its principles for justice, freedom and democracy. What we need to change is our modus operandi to enable us move on to become a more inclusive party in Malaysia, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, for all Malays, Ibans and Kadazans ― in keeping with our founding vision to be a Malaysian party for all Malaysians by all Malaysians.

Let’s examine where we are today. When we were formed 50 years ago ― and I’m one of the few who can talk about the DAP 50 years ago ― none of us ever thought about becoming a Member of Parliament or a State Assemblyperson or even forming a government. We believed in the ideals of social democracy, justice, freedom, good governance, and we were for all races to come together.

All these 50 years ago. Now the question is: Quo vadis, DAP? Where do we go from here? Read the rest of this entry »