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Call on Information Department to print a million copies of the Rulers’ Statement on Oct. 6 on their concerns about 1MDB, rule of law and national unity for mass distribution to the public throughout the country

This is the fourth day of the Malay Rulers’ Statement of Tuesday, Oct. 4 expressing their concerns about three national issues causing the crisis of confidence battering Malaysia for the past several months – the 1MDB scandal, the rule of law and national unity in the country.

The UMNO/BN Government’s response to the Malay Rulers’ Statement has gone through various combinations and permutations in the past four days, viz:

*from the initial one of shock and attempt to minimise the adverse impact of the Malay Rulers’ Statement by virtually blacking out the statement in the UMNO-controlled media, printed and electronic;

*the daze-and-haze of the Cabinet at its Wednesday meeting where the Malay Rulers’ Statement was not discussed and no reciprocal action plan produced;

*the belated realisation that the Malay Rulers’ Statement was too potent to be ignored giving way to a campaign to defang its most biting and adverse effects;

*the first official response of the government by way of a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi more than 48 hours after the issue of the Malay Rulers’ Statement, stating on the one hand that the government viewed “positively” the Malay Rulers’ Statement while on the other dismissing the Rulers’ Statement by declaring that the government had already taken pro-active steps to address the issues raised by the Rulers;

*UMNO/BN cybertroopers using the social media to plant various versions to “defang” the adverse effects of the Malay Rulers’ Statement such as the message that Malay Rulelrs’ Statement was not directed solely at the Government but concerned all political parties and NGOs, to a revised strategy to suggest that the Statement was aimed at the Opposition and finally, postings to question the mala fide of the Malay Rulers by alleging that the Statement was solely the work of the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal without consultation with the Malay Rulers and was the handiwork of people associated with former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir.

The Ministers who have commented on the Malay Rulers’ Statement have also done themselves no favour. Read the rest of this entry »

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Three reasons launch of Pakatan Harapan Johor a memorable and historic milestone in struggle for democracy in Malaysia

There are three reasons to make tonight’s launch of Pakatan Harapan Johor a memorable and historic milestone in the struggle for democracy in Malaysia.

First, the choice of Johor as the first state to launch Pakatan Harapan together with PKR President and Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and the President of Parti AMANAH Negara, Mohamad Sabu underlines the importance of Johor in the ongoing battle for political change in Malaysia in the run-up to the 14th General Election.

Until the 13th General Election two years ago in May 2013, Johor was a political backyard in the quest for political and democratic change, as the frontline states in the political battleground were in the north, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan.

The launching of Pakatan Harapan in Johor tonight is a clear signal that Johor is no more a political backwater but a front-line state for political change, especially in the 14th General Election which must be held by 2018. Read the rest of this entry »


Malaysia Central Bank Sought Criminal Proceeding Against 1MDB

by Tom Wright
Wall Stret Journal
Oct. 9, 2015

Malaysia’s central bank said it recommended the attorney general begin criminal proceedings against a troubled state investment fund for allegedly breaking foreign-exchange rules, but that the attorney general had declined to act on the matter.

Bank Negara Malaysia, in a statement Friday, said the fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd., had breached central bank rules that govern the movement of cash overseas for investment.

The 1MDB fund had given “inaccurate” information in seeking permission to invest a total of $1.83 billion abroad in three separate transactions, the statement said.

Bank Negara said it had granted permission based on the allegedly inaccurate information, but later had issued a direction to 1MDB to repatriate that amount. The bank said it had asked the attorney general in August to initiate criminal proceedings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Malaysia’s prime minister fights for his political life

Michael Peel, Bangkok regional correspondent
Financial Times
October 9, 2015

Najib Razak, Malaysia’s embattled prime minister, is fighting for his political life after open warfare broke out within the country’s state institutions over a corruption scandal that has engulfed him.

The central bank on Friday said it had urged the country’s attorney-general to begin criminal proceedings against the debt laden 1Malaysia Development Berhad investment fund, intensifying pressure on Mr Najib who chairs its advisory board.

The central bank’s intervention comes hard on the heels of an attack by a group of the country’s traditional rulers on the handling of the 1MDB case. The twin assaults will torpedo government efforts to crack down on the prime minister’s accusers, in a scandal that had already spawned investigations from the US to Hong Kong.

Mr Najib has been under intense pressure since it emerged in July that almost $700m allegedly linked to 1MDB was paid from overseas into a bank account in his name.

Both Mr Najib and 1MDB deny wrongdoing in an affair that is damaging confidence in an economy already weighed down by high consumer debt and the falling oil price. Mr Najib says the money paid to him came from an unnamed Middle Eastern donor. Read the rest of this entry »

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