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Call on UMNO/BN Ministers and leaders not to wear blinkers about Mahathir – regarding all he said now as wrong when during his 22-year premiership, idolising all he said as right even when he was wrong

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad today told the police to go ahead and arrest him for attending the Bersih 4 rally when he returned to the Subang Airport from the Czech Republic.

I would be disappointed if Mahathir had said otherwise or disappeared from Malaysia to escape any police dragnet.

As political leaders, we must stand up for the rights of the people and do not run away from the police if we have done no wrong.

I was advised against returning to Kuala Lumpur during the May 13, 1969 riots as I had flown to Kota Kinabalu on the morning of May 13, 1969 to campaign for the Independent candidate in Kota Kinabalu, but I returned to Kuala Lumpur although I was warned that I was on the blacklist of Internal Security Act arrests, as I felt that my place was with the people of Malaysia in their hour of need and trouble and not to seek personal refuge and safety abroad. I was then 28 years old. Read the rest of this entry »


4 soalan kepada Melayu DAP

– Sheikh Omar Ali
The Malaysian Insider
8 September 2015

Beberapa hari lalu, seorang senior saya semasa bergiat dalam Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam UM (PMIUM) dahulu mengutus mesej menerusi WhatsApp.

Beliau memohon agar saya menjawab beberapa persoalan yang diajukan rakan beliau berkaitan Melayu dalam DAP.

Saya terpanggil untuk kongsikan pandangan dan pendirian saya sebagai seorang Melayu dalam DAP kepada pembaca.

Soalan 1: Kenapa Melayu-Islam perlu bersama DAP?

Melayu Islam perlu bersama DAP kerana DAP merupakan sebuah parti politik yang sah seperti termaktub dalam perlembagaan dan pendaftaran pertubuhan. Menurut perlembagaan DAP, ia merupakan parti yang bukan berasaskan kaum atau agama. Tidak kira apa juga bangsa dan agama, boleh sertai DAP.

DAP berjuang atas dasar sosial demokrasi. Sosial bermaksud DAP ingin mengangkat martabat rakyat tanpa mengira latar belakang. Demokrasi bermaksud DAP akan bergerak mengikut lunas-lunas demokrasi untuk menjayakan agenda perjuangannya. Pendirian saya, demokrasi adalah selari dengan Islam dan disahkan Qardhawi dalam banyak tulisannya mutakhir ini. Dalam Islam, ia menepati konsep Masdaqul Ijtima’iyyah – people’s mandate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Purveyors of hate

– Sheela R
The Malaysian Insider
8 September 2015

Voices of hatred seem bent on gaining traction in our nation, with their exclusivist agenda. Sadly, history seems to have taught us little.

In the 1930s, the Nazis, obsessed with a vision of a racially pure society, employed a series of cunning strategies, to ensure the realisation of their goals. These included:

Reshaping intellectual and public perception through the banning of books, articles, magazines, newspapers, and public displays of burning literature that were deemed to be incompatible with Nazi ideals. Such literary materials were deemed to foster “liberal decay”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Malays were underrepresented at Bersih 4

Farouk A. Peru
The Malaysian Insider
9 September 2015

By now the dust settled on the greatest show of defiance Malaysia has ever seen. Despite the typical strong arm tactics by Umno politicians to discourage Bersih 4, Malaysians came out in force to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

However, from the very beginning of Bersih 4, given the racial make-up of its participants, the inevitable question was asked – where were the Malays?

This is actually an unfair question and I am sure the government along with its racist supporters would so love that Bersih 4 would be bereft of Malay presence.

This is of course not the case. I happen to know some Malay participants and I highly doubt that those whose pictures were taken while praying and the many women who wore headscarves were photoshopped in! Read the rest of this entry »

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Malaysian prime minister weathers ‘people power’ movement — for now

Global Risk Insights
September 2015

Malaysia’s prime minister has so far weathered anti-government protests calling for his removal. Without political stability and a strengthened economy, his long-term prospects of survival seem uncertain.

The Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur witnessed two days of anti-government protests over the weekend of August 29-30. The 34-hour marathon protests were organised by Bersih, an electoral reform group calling for the prime minister’s removal due to allegations of corruption.

These allegations relate to the 1MDB financial scandal, which has dogged Prime Minister Najib Razak since early July. The 1MDB investment fund is at the centre of an anti-corruption probe, which allegedly uncovered evidence of funds being channelled to accounts owned by Najib. Read the rest of this entry »

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Malaysia’s Badly Timed Political Scandal

By Editorial Board
Sept 8, 2015

The storm sweeping over emerging markets has hit Malaysia at an especially fraught moment, with Prime Minister Najib Razak embroiled in a $700 million funding scandal. The country’s economic difficulties are bad enough by themselves. The political turmoil makes them all the harder to deal with.

Najib denies accusations that almost $700 million found its way from a state investment fund into his private accounts, and Malaysia’s anti-corruption commission has declared that the money represents donations from anonymous Middle Eastern sources. This explanation failed to satisfy the thousands of protesters who took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur last month to demand Najib’s ouster.

Leaders of the ruling United Malays National Organization, which has governed the country since independence in 1957 and has long prized loyalty over accountability, will certainly support Najib when they meet on Wednesday. But they need to ask themselves whether maintaining the political status quo is worth the continuing damage to Malaysia’s financial reputation and prospects for growth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Malaysia’s 1MDB Fund Scandal Spreads to U.A.E.

Wall Street Journal
Sept. 8, 2015

At issue is a $1.4 billion payment from 1MDB that officials at an Abu Dhabi investment fund said is missing

The corruption scandal around an economic-development fund in Malaysia is spilling beyond the country’s borders, as officials at a United Arab Emirates state investment vehicle raise questions about more than a billion dollars in money that they said is missing.

Abu Dhabi has long been a source of support for the fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd., which was set up six years ago by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to develop new industries in the Southeast Asian country. Now, as 1MDB tries to fend off a cash crunch, its backers in Abu Dhabi are asking what happened to a $1.4 billion payment the fund said it made but which they never received, two people familiar with the matter said.

The dispute comes as Mr. Najib is battling a separate scandal linked to 1MDB. Malaysian investigators are examining the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars into the prime minister’s alleged private bank accounts through entities linked to 1MDB. The disclosures have sparked a political crisis and set off a handful of investigations around the world, destabilizing the government and damaging confidence in Malaysia’s economy. Read the rest of this entry »


If the Cabinet today cannot set the country right to address and resolve the multiple crisis of confidence plaguing the country, then it is not a Cabinet Malaysians need

Today’s Cabinet meeting is a critical one for the nation as it will be the last Cabinet meeting before next Wednesday which is a public holiday for Malaysia Day.

This is not because next Wednesday commemorates the formation of Malaysia 52 years ago but because of a “racially-fuelled” Umno or pro-UMNO Sept. 16 red-shirt rally which the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) secretary-general Datuk Seri Syed Hussein Al-Habshee has warned would have “castastrophic” consequences.

In a statement yesterday, Syed Hussein said the rally will “trigger negativity and erosion of business sentiments, affecting foreign investors’ perceptions and tourism and add further pressure on the ringgit”.

The secretary-general of NCCIM, which represents the Malay, Chinese and Indian chambers of commerce and industry, said he feared the effects of the rally could cripple the Malaysian economy, halting its ability to recover.

He said: “It might leave us without fixes to yield a quick recovery process.” Read the rest of this entry »