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Plenty of smoking guns on illegal migrants in Sabah

By Simon Sipaun
Dec 27, 2014

COMMENT On page 267 of the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) report, it is stated that “Indeed, as far back as 1999, it was already reported in local newspapers in Sabah that it was a lucrative business being involved in fake ICs or genuine ICs illegally issued. There was much money to be made by syndicates or individuals or corrupt officials because a false IC could fetch between RM400 and RM500, and a Malaysian passport could cost up to RM50,000.”

Some people have claimed that a lot of activities associated with the illegal immigrants in Sabah represent an industry, and present opportunities and temptation for corruption. Corruption is a big problem in this country. It is also very costly.

I also hear of illegal immigrants becoming victims of enforcement personnel. They become part of the problem rather than the solution. Their vulnerability is often taken advantage of. I have heard stories that very often, enforcement personnel, usually towards the end of the month, demand to inspect the purses of illegal immigrants and take away some or all their monies.

Let me briefly make some comments on the RCI and its report. The RCI is the latest attempt by the federal government to show the public that it is doing something to resolve what is perceived to be a government-created problem for Sabah. Perception, being what it is, could be real or imagined.

But in the Sabah case, there are many signs of smoking guns. The problems associated with the illegal immigrants are often described as the mother of all problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flood evacuees now number over 160,000

– The Malaysian Insider/Bernama
27 December 2014

The floods took a turn for the worse in Kelantan by this afternoon, sending 81,925 people in all to relief centres, while the situation in Kedah continues to improve.

In Kelantan, 26,000 evacuees were recorded in Tumpat, making it the worst affected of the districts, followed by Kota Baru, with 24,034 evacuees.

Pasir Mas district also had a large number of evacuees, at 12,332. Kuala Krai had 5,200 evacuees; Gua Musang, 5,150; Machang, 4,039; Tanah Merah, 3,548; Jeli, 1,430 and Pasir Puteh, 192.

Kelantan Welfare Department director Nik Omar Nik Abdul Rahman said all the evacuees, from 20,177 families, were being housed at 254 relief centres throughout the state. Read the rest of this entry »


Hulu Dungun folk left with just clothes on their back

By Malaysiakini/Bernama
Dec 27, 2014

About 3,000 flood victims from 20 villages in Hulu Dungun who are left with only their clothes on their backs desperately need help in terms of food and clothing as nearly 80 percent of the houses have been submerged in water.

Kampung Shukor development and security committee (JKKK) chairperson Jailina Abdullah said almost all her village folk were left with the clothes on their backs after the devastating flood struck their village last week.

“The flood this time is very bad. In some parts of the village, only the roofs of houses could be seen… we could not save any of our personal belongings as the water rose too quickly.

“Clothes, baby napkins, sanitary pads, and other necessities are desperately needed by the villagers, and we are forced to wear the same clothes every day … we don’t know whom to ask for help from as almost everyone in the village is facing the same plight,” she told Bernama today.

Jailina said it was difficult to send aid to her village as the main road leading to it collapsed last week due to sinking soil. Read the rest of this entry »

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