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More flooded areas, more evacuees, just less common sense

26 December 2014

If you do go to the Malaysian Meteorological Department website, there will not be any hint that Malaysia is going through its worst flood in decades, with nearly 120,000 people already evacuated in six states.

All it says is either isolated rain, scattered rain, thunderstorms or no rain in any given area in Malaysia. Nothing that would a hint of the incessant torrential rain deluging Malaysia this past week.

In fact, the number of people, equipment, aid and transport being scrambled to assist flood relief efforts will tell you a simple story – Malaysia was again caught unprepared for a disaster that has been likened to the US Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

As it is, the National Security Council’s (NSC) Portal Bencana (Disaster Portal) microsite only tells you of an incidence of flood and the location – nothing else. Read the rest of this entry »


As the floods, expected to the worst in nation’s history since 1971, are already “worse than expected” according to Muhyiddin, Najib must rush back to chair an special meeting of Cabinet within 24 hours to pave the way for declaration of a state of emergency

I commend the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for finally starting to visit the flood-hit states starting with Kelantan this morning to oversee the Federal Government’s flood-relief operations in what could be the worst floods in recent history.

I also fully support his call for deployment of more air, sea and land assets and the stockpiling of one-week food supply instead of only for four days in every evacuation centre.

The authorities had warned those on the east coast to brace themselves for the worst floods in recent history as a result of a powerful combination of king tides and strong winds, and the communities in the coastal areas and along river mouths had even been warned to ready themselves for immediate grab-and-go evacuations.

But it is clear that the ravages caused by the floods, with the total number of flood victims in six states exceeding 100,000 had been even worse than what the National Security Council (NSC) had envisaged.

This is the only interpretation of Muhyiddin’s statement at the flood relief centre in Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bahru, this morning when he said that the floods was worse than anticipated – as if seeking excuses for the many weaknesses in the flood-relief operations so far.

This could only mean that although the Federal Government had expected the floods this year to be worst in recent history, it had not anticipated that the floods could be so bad – which is as good as admitting that the NSC was caught with its pants down.

With such a background, with the worsening flood situation with flood victims exceeding 100,000 in six states, and worse to come, the Cabinet should hold a special meeting within the next 24 hours to declare a state of emergency to concentrate all federal and state resources to handle the latest natural disaster in the country. Read the rest of this entry »


Disastrous floods at home, but Najib’s US vacation goes on

FMT Reporters| December 26, 2014

Lim Kit Siang writes how thousands are affected by the devastating floods, yet DPM not ready to declare “emergency” and PM is on vacation.

PETALING JAYA: Without having to say out loud how our prime minister and his deputy are failing the people during a time of great need, DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang succeeded in doing precisely that in his latest blog entry.

This early morning entry followed yesterday’s where he criticised Najib Razak for sneaking off to the US for a vacation while chaos and destruction overwhelmed the people of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak and Perlis.

Describing how the devastating floods have disrupted water supply and resulted in power cuts, Lim also stated how food rations were depleting rapidly and even automated teller machines (ATMs) were running out of cash.

Quoting several media sources, Lim related how residents in Manek Urai and Dabong were “forced to go hungry because they are completely cut off” due to most major roads being inaccessible even to rescue vehicles because of strong under currents.

He quoted Bernama that reported how Kelantan Umno liaison chief Mustapa Mohamad had said, “There are many children and senior citizens at these unreachable locations,” in reference to flood victims trapped in 28 locations including “hilltops, schools and mosques” in Kuala Krai. Read the rest of this entry »


Flood victims anxious as ATMs run out of cash

3:29AM Dec 26, 2014

Water supply and electricity cuts in several flood-affected areas in worst-hit state Kelantan is raising anxieties among flood victims as supplies run low.

Residents in parts of Pasir Mas told Malaysiakini say they no longer have running water or power supply, while automated teller machines (ATMs) are out of cash.

Others say they their food ration has almost depleted with most major roads inaccessible even to rescue vehicles due to strong flood currents.

Astro Awani reported that some residents in Manek Urai and Dabong are forced to go hungry because they are completely cut off.

On Wednesday night, army rescue personnel evacuated 400 who had been stranded on the third floor of SK Manek Urai Lama in Kuala Krai for five days.

They were reached by two armed forces boats, which arrived with food and daily essentials.

Victims are trapped in 28 locations including hilltops, schools and mosques in Kuala Krai, with rescue workers trying to reach them, Kelantan Umno liaison chief Mustapa Mohamad told Bernama.

“There are many children and senior citizens at these unreachable locations. Our rescue team is trying their best to assist them,” he said, adding that helicopters and boats are deployed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patients shifted after doctor’s desperate plea

2:42AM Dec 26, 2014

Critical patients treated in pitch black after Kuala Krai hospital ran out fuel to power generators last night were finally evacuated from the flood-hit area.

Doctors posted desperate pleas for help after forced to intubate an infant in darkness and tearfully watching rescue helicopters leave after failing to land.

“Latest update. Alhamdulillah, helicopter assistance has arrived to take the victims in hospitals especially babies to shelter,” Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham said in a Facebook posting at 10.20pm Thursday.

The army evacuated adult and paediatric patients to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), which is about 20 minutes away via helicopter, he said, while diesel supply was replenished.

“All settled diesel delivered, generator filled, functioning and power supply back to normal. Supplies delivered and Hospital Kuala Krai is in safe zone (as it is on) high ground.

“One adult critically-ill patient and two neonates were transferred successfully to HUSM and live another day. (Rescue workers) to continue patient evacuation tomorrow,” he said.

In a video shared by Noor Hisham, Hospital Kuala Krai staff said patients are hungry and thirsty as there is shortage of drinking water.

“We hope help will arrive soon…Our focus is to save lives, the rest we leave to God,” the staff member said. Read the rest of this entry »

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