14 GE: Towards Putrajaya! Towards Nusajaya!

Yesterday, the DAP Johore State Convention decided on a twin-engine turboprop Johor DAP state leadership led by Liew Chin Tong as Johore DAP State Chairman and Dr. Boo Cheng Hau as Johore DAP State Assembly Opposition Leader to continue to position Johore as the front-line state of Pakatan Rakyat in Peninsular Malaysia in the 14th General Elections to ensure Pakatan Rakyat’s victory in Putrajaya to form the federal government of Malaysia.

The immediate task of DAP’s twin-engine turboprop Johore leadership is to work out a strategy with Johore PAS and PKR to achieve the first step in Pakatan Rakyat’s Battle of Putrajaya in GE14 – to win over Barisan Nasional’s eight marginal parliamentary and eight marginal state assembly seats in Johore.

Marginal Seats are defined as seats which are won by 55% or less votes.

Based on the 2013 General Elections results and present constituency redelineations, the Barisan Nasional eight marginal parliamentary seats are Labis, Pasir Gudang, Segamat, Muar, Tebrau, Ledang, Sekijang and Pulai.

The eight marginal Barisan Nasional state assembly seats are Paloh, Gambir, Makhota, Pemanis, Bukit Naning, Sungai Balang, Senggarang and Nusa Jaya.

While working out a strategy to win over the Barisan Nasional’s eight marginal parliamentary and eight marginal state assembly seats, DAP and Pakatan Rakyat must also ensure that we fortify the five PR parliamentary seats, in particular the three marginal seats of Batu Pahat, Bakri and Kluang and the 18 PR State Assembly seats, with special focus on the nine marginal state assembly seats of Jementah, Bekok, Tangkak, Parit Yaani, Puteri Wangsa, Johor Jaya, Stulang, Pengkalan Rinting and Pekan Nenas.

Let the new year of 2014 start with a renewed commitment by all DAP, PAS and PKR leaders and members for GE14, fully conscious that the 14GE battle for Putrajaya in Peninsular Malaysia begins and ends in Johor.

The second step for the GE14 strategy is not only to win Putrajaya, together with the Malaysia Dream campaign of Impian Johor, Impian Sabah and Impian Sarawak, but to win more than half of the Johor State Assembly seats to make a serious bid to form the Johor State Government in Nusajaya.

The clarion call of DAP and Pakatan Rakyat in the next three to four years before the the 14GE must be: Towards Putrajaya! Towards Nusajaya!

  1. #1 by bruno on Monday, 13 January 2014 - 1:21 pm

    PR can only score bigtime and enter the big league if only the Napoleans withn the component parties are ousted.Or else they will always be sabotaging the efforts of PR when the elections are nearing as what happened in GE 13.Azmin Ali knows best.

    • #2 by loo on Monday, 13 January 2014 - 4:31 pm

      Again, it’s time for LKS to read what his fellow DAP melayu member got to say. It’s from Aspan Alias


  2. #3 by loo on Monday, 13 January 2014 - 3:43 pm


  3. #4 by Di Shi Jiu on Monday, 13 January 2014 - 10:22 pm

    Mr Lim,

    It heartens me to see you rousing the troops. :)

    It is even more comforting to see that you have laid out the path to success in Johor in such clear simple steps.

    As the new DAP boys in Johor settle into their roles, I wish them the very best of luck in the battle for Putrajaya and, of cos, Nusajaya.

    A united front between DAP, PKR and PAS will be a formidable challenge to BN in GE14.

  4. #5 by sheriff singh on Monday, 13 January 2014 - 10:31 pm

    If you want to go to Putrajaya you’d better do it fast before Teuku Adnan and his supporters converts it into another Medina with their proposed loud Hard Rock Nasyid Cafes with their skull-cap patrons drinking tea and coffee and smoking Hookahs next to the Camel Parking Lot in Presint 5.

    But maybe no, if Dr Mahathir gets to make a comeback and turns it into another Gay Paree, he says, with LGBT and all. He may create another Left Bank and maybe bring in some Follies to enlighten the place up.

    Anyways, what does PAKATAN plan to do when it gets there?

  5. #6 by boh-liao on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 - 12:13 am

    REALLY?! JUST like dis, can occupy P’jaya?
    DREAM on ……

  6. #7 by boh-liao on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 - 12:19 am

    U know what, after GE14, WHAT happens?

  7. #8 by loo on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 - 1:08 am

    Unlike you guys, I felt that DAP has a lot of work cut out for it. Again, relying on PAS & PKR ALONE is not a very good idea. Time for DAP to honour the agreement of placing 10 malay candidates in GE13. This time, it should be more than that.

    What’s the point of talking about Johor when DAP along with PR can’t secure NS. There is a significant number of malays decided to boycott voting for NS because of various issues. Would it be due to the leadershipof Anthony Loke in NS? Or the sidelining some of the hardworking DAP members especially malays in NS? or DAP not honouring the pledge of placing at least 10 malay candidates? If PAS & PKR hoarding the seats, resulting in DAP not have enough seats to distribute to more DAP members. Time to control these PKR/PAS buggers & ask for equitable shares.

    It’s extremely tasteless for leaders especially Anthony Loke coming out with statement blasting DAP members just because they are ordinary. If such attitude not changed, Kiss your putrajaya goodbye

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