UmnoBN follies but blame it on PR and the States they rule?

Richard Loh

What is wrong with this nation? Nothing wrong at all. The right question should be, “What is wrong with the 56 years old UmnoBN led government”? The answer would be, too many wrongs that we lost count.

In this article I will just highlight a couple of wrongs which I deem are prerequisite to the overall poor performances of the UmnoBN led government.

Admission of Guilt

No one has ever admitted the wrongs that were originated right from the heart of PutraJaya, starting from the Prime Minister, Ministers down to the civil servants. While it is acceptable to many that they don’t admit their guilt what is worst is that they can use all the highest authorities to defend their wrongs, from Bank Negara, PDRM, MACC and if necessary the judiciary. Cases such as the NFC, PKFZ, the billions of illegal capital flight, ‘Extravagant expenditures’ and the year in year out Auditor General Annual Reports, just to name a few.

It is fine if you do not admit guilt but to continue with the wrongs instead of correcting and putting a stop to it reflects how bad the government is performing.

Attitude of US against YOU

UmnoBN seem to have forgotten that they are running the federal government and all authorities, except the Inland Revenue Department, also have forgotten they are there to serve everyone. They are running the nation like it belongs to them solely and if you voted against UmnoBN, express in any way against government policies or simply not happy with what they are doing, YOU are told to leave the country. After 56 years they have become so arrogant that they would not allow any slightest dissent and whatever they do YOU have to accept it, failing which they use their famous phrase ‘National Security’ and turn YOU into a criminal.

PDRM is supposed to maintain law and order and act without fear or favor, ARE THEY? As the highest law authority of the nation they cannot simply imagine, concoct nor speculative of crimes without clear evidence or facts. Case in point is the TURUN rally on New Year eve.

As for MACC and other authorities, do I need to go into details? They may all claim to be impartial and act without fear or favor but their actions (the exact opposite) speak louder than their words.

The whole UmnoBN machineries are not performing like any government should be but working hard to destroy anyone that are against or not happy with them by using whatever means. This kind of attitude “If you’re not with US, you’re against US” does not bode well for the nation progress at all.

UmnoBN Federal Government against PR State Governments

The rise of Pakatan Rakyat has weaken and brought UmnoBN to it’s knees. They are trying to show off that they are still capable of standing tall but not doing it in a gentleman’s way. They are not just hitting below the belt but much further down trying to create as much pain as possible to Pakatan Rakyat. Being famous for who they are the past 56 years, they can never admit that the states under PR are doing very well with competent leaders. They are on the look out for any slightest mistake to create a very big issue out of it. If they found none they will fear nothing to create something out of nothing.

This bring me to the issue of the Mercedes Benz purchased by the Penang state government for use by the Chief Minister. What is wrong with that, may I ask? UmnoBN came out in full force to chastise the CM and even Malaysiakini unashamedly came out with the headlines As rakyat tightens belt, Penang CM rolls in new Benz.

Has UmnoBN critics and Malaysiakini find out why, who, what, how that cause the rakyat to tighten their belts? Is it really because of CM Lim Guan Eng’s Mercedes Benz and his poor performances that will cause hardship to the rakyat?

UmnoBN federal government controls everything in this nation as a whole and economically as well. The well being of the rakyat and nation, be it good or bad, to tighten belt or not lie solely on UmnoBN federal government performances. Penang no doubt is under PR but Penangnites have to tighten their belts is not because of the state government but UmnoBN federal government mismanagement.

To put it simply, Penang is under PR management but controlled by UmnoBN federal government. All taxes go to federal coffer but unfair and unequal distribution back to PR states, even funds allotted to MPs bypass the opposition. Penang government has to find its own money to sustain running the state well and well being of Penangnites and CM Lim Guan Eng is doing a fine job. Since 2009 the state government has being distributing cash allowances to various groups of societies, the retired, students, schools and many others on a yearly basis. Road upgrading, paving and playgrounds are being carried out where necessary or required. These are all carried out irrespective whether there is any election.

As a Penangnite I can see that Penang under PR and CM Lim Guan Eng is well managed with the least leakage/wastage/corruption but as a Malaysian I can see that UmnoBN led federal government is leading the nation to oblivion. So, for such a good performance by CM Lim Guan Eng the reward of a Mercedes Benz is too much? Just for comparison, is the PM 1Malaysia Air Force One a necessity or waste?

When UmnoBN critics are blind to their own follies and blame others for it, YOU should wake up and make your stand against such a government that cares not about YOU but themselves. The case in point is that Gerakan BIG chief Tan Keng Liang twitting and holding a forum #OhMyGaji aiming at Selangor assembly salary hike claiming boldly that he is fighting for the rakyat but chicken out when ask to hold the same forum in Kuching and another on the toll hike #OhMyToll. YOU can all clearly seen the hypocrisy of these UmnoBN leaders when they start talking about championing and fighting for the rakyat.

2014 is here, will UmnoBN continue doing what they are best at or start managing the country in a proper and right way?

  1. #1 by boh-liao on Thursday, 2 January 2014 - 10:26 am

    D author obviously wants voters 2 ensure dat PR WIN both states n P’jaya so dat rakyat can enjoy a better living

    Don’t FAULT dis young running K9 TKL
    He is learning d ropes HOW 2 PLEASE his masters (Perkosa-UmnoB) n 2 b noticed by them 2 gerak up d hierarchy ladder

  2. #2 by waterfrontcoolie on Thursday, 2 January 2014 - 1:09 pm

    YB, I must also said that I am rather disappointed with Selangor and Penang Gomen. I believe there are more than a cpouple of issues these 2 State Gomen can do but seems to be not doing enough! Take Selangor for instance, the BRIDGES in Klang promised by the MB during the 13 GE; what happen? Port Klang road system is in a mess? Still blame it on Toyo? Industrial land utilization still business as usual? We have not heard of any plan to engage the stakeholders to see what can be done? Still depending on the on-going State Gomen Committees? Hey! This is the 2nd term! A good majority of people who are just interested to get things going; those with no political inclination; just wanted GOOD GOMEN are getting cheesed off! Plaese don’t JUST depend on our frustrations to take Putrajaya! Of course we can always blame the 30 over years of bad BN Gomen but for how long??? Many begin to think that after so many years of UMNO/BN rule, ALL Malaysian politicians are bitten by the same bugs? NATO!!!!!!

  3. #3 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 2 January 2014 - 2:00 pm

    ITS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR TO ME THAT UMNO/BN ZEALOTS ARE DREAMING OF ANOTHER MAY 13, 1969 – they want to provoke something violent, blame the opposition and USE FORCE…


  4. #4 by tak tahan on Thursday, 2 January 2014 - 10:15 pm

    What can we expect jaguh kampong from Dumno to shout about when race and religion championship are the only one and foremost concerning them? We are stucked in the cesspool of herd mentality of cowdung whereas our neighbours are moving ahead.High status in-come country in 2020 ? Lanci#u la ! Top third students in international grading in 2021 ? c$#I !

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