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National reconciliation: Nuremberg revengeful justice or RTC restorative justice?

– Sakmongkol
The Malaysian Insider
Jul 08, 2013

I have to put up a caveat: this is my personal opinion as a writer and blogger. It is not Pakatan’s official position.

PM Najib spoke about national reconciliation in parliament. Yes- he is becoming quite well-known for coining big slogans. He started with all the GTP, ETP, EPP, NKRA, PDP etc. it must have become an addiction.

Now is national reconciliation. Unfortunately his people in parliament take the national reconciliation proposal as a means to do a Nuremberg kind of justice. Impose the victor’s justice on the opposition representing 51 per cent of the voting population. Move on means accepting BN victory and be quiet about it and allow the winner do what it pleases.

This time, Najib needs help from the opposition to ensure that his national reconciliation isn’t turned into another of his useless slogans. We are 89 strong.

He has only given but one precondition- that the results of GE13 must be accepted by everyone. My reading of this is that he is willing to sit down and sort out contentious issues and to engage the opposition to hear out matters they feel strongly about.

I think we should engage him. But then he has to offer something in return. Is he offering us a victor’s justice/the Nuremberg kind of justice? Read the rest of this entry »


Malaysian Dream Agent Recruitment

Welcome to the launching of the nationwide recruitment of Malaysia Dream Agent.

Malaysia Dream is a movement where we hope that we can gather more Malaysian volunteers (including non-party members) to be Ejen Impian Malaysia for our activities and programs to promote Malaysian identity and consciousness particularly among the young generation of Malaysians.

Our present challenge is whether we can convert the passion for CHANGE shown by Malaysians in the GE-13 into constructive community work so that we can win big in Sarawak Election 2015 and eventually take over Putrajaya in GE-14.

Being the second largest political party in Malaysia, we are looking into every possibility to reach out to new voter groups who have so far been outside our sphere of influence and to garner support in order to promote the Malaysian Dream. We need you to be a Malaysian Dream Agent and take part in the community work for rural and non-cyber communities.

The Malaysian Dream (Impian Malaysia) envisions a plural society where all her citizens are united as one people, rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceed the differences that divide them because of their ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural divisions. Read the rest of this entry »