You Will Never Walk Alone

by Allan CF Goh

A holy fire burns in your heart,
To battle politics’ vile, black art.
Yours is already a legacy,
Placed on youths for legitimacy.
You could have chosen the gentle way,
To enjoy old age in genteel sway.
But you want a better tomorrow,
To make good, folks’ dreams, true and hallow.
You want people to thrive without strife,
To fulfill expectations of life.
You arouse people’s inspirations,
To realize their life’s aspirations;
Not to be wreaked by foul corruptions,
Nor those racist discriminations.
You want a holistic one-nation,
Not one broken into bits, fractions.
You want only complete citizens,
Not partly accepted denizens.
Now you choose a path that’s really rough,
To win a mission that’s truly tough.
Dear Kit, you will never walk alone,
Folks are with you, with wills set in stone.
When you falter, and/or are depressed,
There are thousands cheering your progress.

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