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7-Day Countdown to 13GE Polling Day – DAP membantah Berita Harian, akhbar kawalan UMNO-BN, yang menghasut orang Melayu supaya membenci DAP dan kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia

DAP membantah Berita Harian, akhbar kawalan UMNO-BN, yang menghasut orang Melayu supaya membenci DAP dan kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia. Fitnah yang mereka lemparkan semakin tidak masuk akal, malah menghina daya pemikiran orang Melayu.

Fitnah terbaru datang daripada Berita Harian edisi Ahad hari ini 28 April 2013 dalam satu komentar yang ditulis oleh seorang yang bernama Mahfar Ali. Tajuk rencana itu sahaja sudah menunjukkan sikap hipokrit dan pembohongan media kawalan UMNO-BN tersebut. Tajuk “Pertahan prinsip kesederhanaan, tolak ekstremisme” cuba berselindung di sebalik kebencian penulis kepada perpaduan antara kaum yang dianjurkan oleh DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat.

Dia menulis: “Apakah nanti demonstrasi jalanan dan gerakan LBGT (Lesbian, Gay, Biseksual dan Transgender) yang menjadi budaya Barat, akan turut diterima di negara ini? Inilah kemelut dua parti diketuai pemimpin Melayu yang diperkudakan DAP – parti cauvinis Cina yang dasar pentadbirannya di Pulau Pinang dilihat lebih banyak menekan orang Melayu. Barangkali juga DAP menyertai pakatan pembangkang sebagai mainan politiknya untuk memecahbelahkan orang Melayu dan Islam.”

Berita Harian sebagai lidah UMNO cuba menggambarkan bahawa PKR dan PAS sebagai parti orang Melayu – kerana UMNO hanya faham politik yang berasaskan kaum semata-mata, ia tidak faham demokrasi, hak asasi, keadilan sosial. Dan kedua-dua parti itu dianggap oleh UMNO sebagai mudah diperalatkan oleh DAP.

Jelas Berita Harian buta sejarah dan enggan menerima hakikat kebenaran. DAP adalah parti politik yang sah yang menjunjung dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan Persekutuan 1957. Ini bererti DAP menerima Perlembagaan yang mendaulatkan agama Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan dan pada masa yang sama melindungi hak agama-agama lain untuk diamalkan secara bebas.
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Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Bersih 3.0

by Martin Jalleh



Golden encounter with LGE!

by Martin Jalleh



Umno must pay the price in the next elections

by P Ramakrishnan

Only then will it be able to shed its arrogance and look beyond the narrow politics of race and ethnicity, says P Ramakrishnan.

I have never felt as optimistic as I do today. Tonight’s forum has a great significance for me and for all those rooting for change. Five years ago, on this day, Malaysians shed their fear and stood up for their rights. As a result, we had the tsunami of 8 March 2008!

That tsunami would have brought about a change at the federal level as well if the GE12 had been free and fair. We were robbed of a well-deserved victory because the Barisan Nasional, the National Registration Department and the Election Commission colluded and plotted together to frustrate the aspirations of the people. Read the rest of this entry »


BN’s femme fatale – the power of women

by Bridget Welsh
6:19PM Apr 27, 2013

GE13 SPECIAL Apart from civil servants, another decisive group in GE13 are women. They comprise 51.7 percent of the electorate and regularly turn out in high numbers, especially in semi and rural areas.

In close races, how women vote can make the difference. Numerically, women are largely in the urban areas, but disproportionately they are more influential politically in the more rural areas, as men are often outstation for employment.

Let’s take a look at how women can shape and have shaped the election so far, recognising that they will make an important impact this election and the trends are moving against the BN. Read the rest of this entry »


Malaysia is no Egypt

by Tricia Yeoh
25 April 2013 – 07:54pm

NEGATIVE advertisements are flooding mainstream newspapers in this very electric season of the 13th general election campaign, but many fail to convince. One full-page advertisement caught my attention, paid for by the MCA, a component party of the Barisan Nasional.

Its title reads “Ubah (Change) for the worst? What can we learn from the Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain free fall?” and describes what it imagines to have taken place in these countries during and after the Arab Spring.

The advertisement outlines the following series of events: “People get fed up with the government; Ruling party is forced to step down; Civil war in the streets and chaos in the country; Political instability, economic turmoil; Economy goes down, unemployment goes up; People get fed up with new government; Want to go back to the previous government.” Read the rest of this entry »


What voting for BN means

by Tota

We have seen the BN ads in the mass media portraying the opposition parties in a sinister light. Tota now shares with us his thoughts on what the BN stands for.

I have been sickened by the anti-Pakatan Rakyat advertisements in the BN controlled mainstream print media (see above). BN tactics are downright dirty. For a change, let me tell the rakyat what voting for BN portends.

A vote for BN is a vote to:

  1. Maintain a throughly corrupt regime to plunder the country’s wealth.
  2. Allow Umno to continue to exploit and manipulate mercilessly the poor Malays using religion and political propaganda.
  3. Encourage government that lies, cheats and deceives.
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Catch him if you can: the mysterious escape of Malaysia’s second richest man

by Mark Baker
Editor-at-Large, The Age

Onn Mahmud was a wealthy tycoon with a bulging property portfolio when he jetted off without warning in 2007.

Number 10 Wylde Street, Potts Point, commands views to die for on a harbour not short of heart-stopping vistas. Perched high above Woolloomooloo Bay, it faces directly across the sweep of the botanical gardens to the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For a while, a few years ago, it was the site for one of the most luxurious apartment developments in Australia. In 2008, the duplex penthouse in the five-storey project was sold off the plan for a record price of $20 million.

A year earlier – on the cusp of such riches – the Malaysian tycoon who had brought the project close to fruition abruptly sold the site as he quietly folded most of his substantial Sydney property portfolio and exited the Australian business scene. Read the rest of this entry »