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How to get rid of Malaysian talent

— Cass Shan
The Malaysian Insider
May 11, 2012

MAY 11 — It’s no secret that our graduates who study overseas don’t come back.

Many skilled workers have emigrated citing social injustice (60 per cent) and compensation (54 per cent) as reasons for leaving this beautiful country.

Can you blame them though?

We here in Malaysia are stuck with outdated meritocracy benefits and no minimum wage, not to mention low starting pay for fresh graduates.

About 57 per cent head off to Singapore while the rest move to the US, the UK, Australia and other countries. It has to be mentioned that non-Bumiputeras make up the majority of those who have emigrated.

In place of the talents we’re losing, unskilled workers who have primary school education or less are being taken in.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that we are headed towards becoming a nation of low skills. Read the rest of this entry »


Our fate: Sub-par ministers

— Justice Seeker
The Malaysian Insider
May 13, 2012

MAY 13 — It is telling that Nazri Aziz is considered among the more capable ministers. But on the evidence of what he has said and done, that is a backhanded compliment. A bit like saying that the one-eyed man is the king in the kingdom of the blind.

Even that is being charitable to Nazri. He is as incompetent and dense as the rest of his Cabinet colleagues. He was quoted as saying that the Bar Council’s stand on alleged police brutality was not representative of the legal fraternity because only some 1,200 lawyers out of 20,000 attended.

So should we say that the UN Security Council’s rulings are not binding on Malaysia because Malaysia is not a member? Should we say that Umno’s choice of its president and therefore prime minister of Malaysia is not valid because only 2,000 of its members out of three million members voted?
Obviously this minister does not understand the concept of representation. The Bar Council leadership were voted by members of the legal fraternity and therefore have the mandate to call for any meeting to discuss matters of public interest.

Lawyers getting beaten up by thuggish cops is a matter of interest. The quorum for Friday’s meeting was easily met. Two thousand of 20,000 lawyers is 10 per cent while 2,000 of 3,000,000 Umno members is 0.07 per cent. Read the rest of this entry »


The Significance of Bersih (poem)

by Allan CF Goh

Bersih is the people’s movement:
There is no subscribed membership,
Nor a registered society.
It is a spontaneous grouping
Of free, like-minded citizens,
Who believe in democracy,
Transparent and impeccable.
Bersih does not ask for the sky;
It only wants clean elections.

It is helmed by a committee
Of people with integrity,
Deeply concerned with the faulty,
Fraudulent electoral roll.
These brave civic individuals,
Voluntarily give their time,
Resource, effort and energy.
Bersih does not ask for the sun;
It only want fair elections. Read the rest of this entry »