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New Deal

by Toh Leong

I read CSL speech (MCA 58th AGM). Sound okay in rhetoric, but can he match it with actions. Walk the talk as he expects others who are not in power to do.

The PKFZ scandal persisted since three previous MCA transport ministers. Are they going to continue keeping quiet, and hope the people will forget?

The MCA believes in peaceful dissent. How come they did not support Bersih in the first place. Tear gas and water cannons were fired into a hospital. Its minister promised an investigation, but nothing happens. Looks like empty vessel making noises. there is absolutely no concern of the two new laws to replace the repressive ISA. At least, state that detention without trail is not in the best interests of the rakyat. It is a weapon of colonialists and repressive regimes. Read the rest of this entry »


Why MCA is finished

by Thomas Lee


I think the MCA will be totally wiped out at the next general election for the following reasons:

(1) The people, especially the educated urban voters, are fed up and want a big and drastic change. So they will dump the MCA and Gerakan, and will go all out to vote for the alternative front, especially the DAP.

(2) Looking at the type of leaders the MCA currently has, it is obvious that almost none of them are fit and credible to be elected representatives. The MCA will lose if it fields its present leaders and those who lost in the last general election, including the foolish ones who talk rubbish all the time (like the fellow who wants to set up a “Chinese Perkasa” or that Penang wanita leader who attacked Guan Eng for giving projects to Malay contractors via open tenders).

(3) If the DAP fields candidates like the late Teoh Beng Hock’s sister against the MCA president’s son in Johore, he will lose his deposit. Donald will also be roasted and lose his deposit if he is fielded again. There is no hope for any MCA candidate in Penang, and the party should stay out of the state or risks having all its candidate lose deposits there. Read the rest of this entry »