Why MCA is finished

by Thomas Lee


I think the MCA will be totally wiped out at the next general election for the following reasons:

(1) The people, especially the educated urban voters, are fed up and want a big and drastic change. So they will dump the MCA and Gerakan, and will go all out to vote for the alternative front, especially the DAP.

(2) Looking at the type of leaders the MCA currently has, it is obvious that almost none of them are fit and credible to be elected representatives. The MCA will lose if it fields its present leaders and those who lost in the last general election, including the foolish ones who talk rubbish all the time (like the fellow who wants to set up a “Chinese Perkasa” or that Penang wanita leader who attacked Guan Eng for giving projects to Malay contractors via open tenders).

(3) If the DAP fields candidates like the late Teoh Beng Hock’s sister against the MCA president’s son in Johore, he will lose his deposit. Donald will also be roasted and lose his deposit if he is fielded again. There is no hope for any MCA candidate in Penang, and the party should stay out of the state or risks having all its candidate lose deposits there.

(4) The people are wise enough not to be convinced by the so-called “achievements” MCA president Chua Soi Lek boasted about, as they know it is the massive rejection of the MCA and BN at the last general election that resulted in Najib and Umno giving the concessions to the people, not because of what the MCA has done.

(5) Even the MCA grassroots members have no confidence in the party, with many defecting to join the DAP or PKR. If the MCA claim that it has nearly a million members is true, how come its votes in the previous general elections are way below the million-mark? Even its previous president Ong Tee Kiat and ex-Wanita chief Chew Mei Fun have given the thumbs-down to the current leaders, especially the president, saying he should not be fielded by the BN.

(6) The educated and intelligent people know that the MCA is servile and subservient to Big Brother Umno in the BN, and all its leaders in the Cabinet are merely window-dressing political mannequins with no essential policy-making power. They are used to make announcements of policies, programmes and projects decided by their Umno bosses, but are not part of the real decision-making process in the government. The wise, intelligent and intellectual will obviously not support the MCA.

  1. #1 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 3:06 pm

    mca FINISHED?

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    umno FINISHED?

    Thank goodness! There can be no worse rubbish save for UTUSAN Malaysia & Perkasa.

  2. #2 by monsterball on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 5:24 pm

    But the dying two parties have their Malaysian Chinese blog owners …encouraging discussions…back to agree to disagree tactics..to lure young voters to keep votes open.
    Will that succeed for BN?

  3. #3 by monsterball on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 5:27 pm

    To make sure they do not work..I am watching and commenting at one blog…and you can be sure I will be banned…sooner or later.
    Do your part..go and expose the blog owner…and get banned…..OR leave it alone….no power…no influence…I don’t know.

  4. #4 by drngsc on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 5:56 pm

    Thomas, O Thomas, making MCA irrelevant or finish, is a secondary target. We must make BN irrelevant and finish. That must be our primary target.

    No side shows or personal agendas please.

    We must change the tenant at Putrajaya. GE 13 is our best chance. Failure is not an option. We all must work very very hard.

  5. #5 by country for good malaysian on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 7:34 pm

    At this moment I will not want to say who is finished. At this moment political parties should get their house in order. When a family quarrel or changes policy like changing shirt a lot has to be worried. I am getting a bit fed up. Is this one of the main reason why so many Rakyat doesn’t vote?? because one is not sure now whether it is the devil or the deep blue sea you are voting !!!!

  6. #6 by asia on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 7:44 pm

    They said non-muslim do not need to fear HUDUD

    Well….you better watch out

    caused in the book stated it is no sin to tell lie to non-muslim benefit Muslim

    Double check and write in black n white not statement verbally

  7. #7 by Urban folk on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 10:30 pm

    I am a normal urban people. I would like to ask MCA, what achievements they have got?

    MCA is still joining this corrupted government UMNO.

    Could MIC, MCA and Gerakan eradicate corruption in UMNO and UMNO’s unfairness and arrogance?

    Where are Malaysians’ tax money gone since Mahathir’s time like reported by Global Integrity: RM888 billion.

    How is Sarawak’s people? How is Taib? What is Anti Curruption Agency.

    Even Australian foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, has informed his counterpart in Malaysia about Taib’s mulpractices in Australia. Anyone read this news?

    We need to reform not the old Barisan Nasional whose habit dies hard.

  8. #8 by yhsiew on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 10:54 pm

    Not many people would want to choose a political party which has no say in a coalition to speak on their behalf.

  9. #9 by asia on Sunday, 2 October 2011 - 11:57 pm

    Hudud is risky

    It is doubtful youth Muslim support it

  10. #10 by Loh on Monday, 3 October 2011 - 12:16 am

    CSL expects that he would not be fielded as a candidate i the coming election and that was why he said that if MCA fails to better the 308 results, MCA MPs would accept Cabinet positions. But he did not say non-MPs from MCA would not take up Ministerial appointment. That is why MCA candidates do not need to gain support from the Chinese communities. What they are afraid of is UMNO President. The former MCA President was defeated because Najib sent the signal and traitor like LTL started the ball rolling. MCA President is appointed behind the scene by UMNO Presient. Of course all those who went against the former MCA President hoped that their performance could be noted.

    The Chinese know very well that MCA politicians are in there for themselves. WKS the deputy education minister said that MCA did not object when Mamakthir declared Islamic state because the consttution was not amended. MCA would claim the same thing that NEP did not involve consitutional amendment. NEP is not written into the constitution but UMNO discriminates officially for four decades and continuing.

    MCA politicians are free to be opportunists so long as the name of the party does not give the wrong impression that Chinese are represented. Chinese should kill MCA in the coming election. Else they should just keep quiet and be bullied.

  11. #11 by boh-liao on Monday, 3 October 2011 - 8:18 am

    How can MCA chap lup 1? Now it is so vigorous under its new management
    2 pls its por no pres, MCA youth paraded its pretty maids in a row, wow, no C aah, so sui ooh
    No need 2 lau nua lah, they r 4 d pres who will b more easy than ever
    MCA now staunchly behind UmnoB, enjoying its A rse smell, onward march
    As d current pres confidently told its former pres, I AM WINNABLE anywhere, anytime

  12. #12 by ktteokt on Monday, 3 October 2011 - 12:41 pm

    I have not and will not vote MCA simply because as a political party claiming to represent the Chinese, there is no one in MCA who UNDERSTANDS CHINESE! Otherwise, why would it keep on using the words “争取” to symbolize their political career! Leave this to the OPPOSITION lah! If you want to do that, then you have to scramble out of BN and stand as an OPPOSITION PARTY! Do not be the OPPOSITION PARTY within the RULING COALITION!

  13. #13 by Godfather on Monday, 3 October 2011 - 12:43 pm

    “A whole new world….” the MCA faithful sing…and the UMNO boys all sing “yeah, yeah, yeah” and all is well in Bolehland.

  14. #14 by dagen on Monday, 3 October 2011 - 4:31 pm

    争取 争取 争取
    See. If mca is genuine in their efforts to 争取 then I can only say that they need to 争取 because chinese were and still are badly sidelined and marginallised by umno.

  15. #15 by raven77 on Tuesday, 4 October 2011 - 9:35 am

    MCA’s Liow again couldnt control the LIttle Napoleans in his ministry and passed the Medical Devices Act in parliment yesterday…equpment suppliers will now have to pay loads of under table money to MOH’s greedy enforcement officers….

    We have to get this government out…BTW …why didnt the DAP make more noise in parliment re the Act

  16. #16 by ktteokt on Tuesday, 4 October 2011 - 1:39 pm

    The question is WHY DOES MCA AS PART OF THE RULING COALITION still need to 争取?This amounts to a SELF ADMISSION that MCA is SUBSERVIENT to UMNO!

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