RM450m Tambatuon dam controversy – Why MP Kota Belud never visited kampong? (4)

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Iskandarbak Jun 04, 8:42pm
@mpkotabelud u back from Spore? hoping to get ur response on my feedback to ur post in ur blog re: dam in Kg T

Iskandarbak Jun 04, 8:46pm
@mpkotabelud I just checkd ur blog. U have updated it with d translation. But, i dont see my feedback comments there. I had also emailed u.

mpkotabelud Jun 04, 8:47pm
I got ur reply. On the move now. Tak dak masa utk think. Soon will reply. RT @Iskandarbak:

dredwinbosi Jun 04, 8:57pm
@mpkotabelud how many farmers to benefit fm dam? as long native have land they r not poor.

dredwinbosi Jun 04, 9:01pm
@mpkotabelud U r destroying homes and life of Tanbatuon Dusuns. Its part of our hertage.

Iskandarbak Jun 04, 9:07pm
Increase Yield instead of building a Dam to ensure rice security http://bit.ly/kFJBFz @stephstamaria @mpkotabelud @limkitsiang @dredwinbosi

limkitsiang Jun 04, 9:59pm
@mpkotabelud YB cld x answer “Wats yr feeling in yr 1st visit 2KgT” cos nvr been there b4/after bcame MPKB/dialogued in KgT on dam. Correct?

dredwinbosi Jun 04, 10:06pm
@limkitsiang @mpkotabelud Prob is MPKB is fm Tuaran n may not have feelings for ppl in Tambatuon.

JunzWonG Jun 04, 10:22pm
RT @dredwinbosi: @limkitsiang @mpkotabelud Prob is MPKB is fm Tuaran n may not have feelings for ppl in Tambatuon.

tanjooilong Jun 04, 10:30pm
“Consideration for the Construction of Dam in Kota Belud” – by Iskandar Abdul Kadir http://t.co/eiOP8PP

StanleyWTW Jun 04, 10:32pm
@limkitsiang @mpkotabelud It is a straight forward question, just answer it quick and without delay.

limkitsiang 11:05am
@mpkotabelud X surprised by YB’s silence last 2days 2my repeated Q: Wats yr feeling on yr 1st visit 2KgT cos u nvr stepped foot in2 KgT

limkitsiang 11:05am
@mpkotabelud shld visit KgT b4 Parlmnt meets Mon 13/6. KgT ppl waiting 4u 2dialogue w u about T dam which will completely flood/destroy KgT

limkitsiang 11:07am
@mpkotabelud Q Y YB no feelings 4KgT? My visit 2KgT 28/5, was so struck by KgT I immdtly tot of Chinese writer TaoYuanMing’s famous essay.

limkitsiang 11:10am
@mpkotabelud In “Peach-Blossom Spring” he wrote about a village cut off from outside world akin to paradise. This is my feeling on KgT

limkitsiang 11:11am
@mpkotabelud Should such idyllic place b destroyed by T dam? In English literature there is Samuel Butler’s Erewhon – an utopia on earth.

limkitsiang 11:12am
@mpkotabelud KgT should be promoted 2put Sabah/Msia on world tourist map – not be drowned by T dam. How many in Sabah/Msia know about KgT?

limkitsiang 11:12am
Even @mpkotabelud does not know n still refuses 2visit! Even if there is 2b a dam in KotaBelud, why can’t KgT be saved/spared?

JunzWonG 11:53am
Is heading to Kg Tambatuon w @HenryShimj @nickchak99 Wellon to intensify d fight against the T Dam project w NGO @limkitsiang @dredwinbosi

puziahelmardi 1:37pm
@limkitsiang @mpkotabelud Always a fighter. Unfortunately I am a Malay so I have to be loyal to the Malays

dearfirdaus 2:33pm
havent you read the proposal? its not finalised yet. RT @limkitsiang: Even @mpkotabelud does not know n still refuses 2visit! Even if there is 2b a dam in KotaBelud, why can’t KgT be saved/spared?

  1. #1 by boh-liao on Sunday, 5 June 2011 - 4:52 pm

    MP Kota Belud 2 LKS: Aiyah, LKS, where got time lah 2 visit kampong 1
    Me now much busy with d Polygamy Club n d Obedient Wives Club what, got invited 2 train OWC members 2 b actif whores mah
    Also, now good business opportunity, U know: Am busy negotiating franchise of sex shops selling sex toys/gadgets, how-2 do it manuals n magazines/VCDs (Kama sutra thingy, U know), n also setting up ‘how 2 b whore’ training/tuition centres in M’sia
    Me looking 4 trainers lor; pssssst, LKS, let’s b frens, U want 2 b a trainer or not aaah?
    If not, how abt your good fren fr PKR? Can or cannot help aaah? Good profits 1

  2. #2 by tak tahan on Sunday, 5 June 2011 - 5:44 pm

    mpkotabelud should be addressed mp belut(eel).Very evasive on question asked,typical habitual liar of umno/BN’ mp.

  3. #3 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 5 June 2011 - 8:05 pm

    The value proposition the MP of Kota Belud is proposing is 25,000 acres of rice padi producing 200,000 ton annually. Meaning a yield of 8 ton per acres which is right up there with the best in the country.

    Not to knock the hard working farmers of Sabah, but the goals that have been set for them, its no cake walk and will take a while to get there, AFTER the dam is build.

    The MP is not showing up because he can’t answer what will be the transition plan when he dislocate the inhabitants and what if the goals failed?

    I don’t see how this project won’t risk the inhabitants getting the short-short end of the deal.

  4. #4 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 5 June 2011 - 8:17 pm

    The issues surrounding Tambatuon dam controversy are complex enough to challenge comprehension.

    To compound the problem they are presented in this mystical lexicon of Tweet language with its retweet intermingled with direct message, something like secret codes and phases (to be sound almost like birds chirping) which only the initiated can readily understand…

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