RM450m Tambatuon dam controversy – Why MP Kota Belud never visited kampong? (3)

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limkitsiang Jun 02, 6:07pm
YB where is yr blog 2champion RM450m Tambatuon dam? >24 hrs oredi. Cld not even convince yrself after reading it in cold print? @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 8:27pm
My rebuttal of @limkitsiang >>> http://mpkotabelud.blogspot.com/2011/06/to-dam-or-to-be-damned-question-to-lim.html

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 8:31pm
Read http://bit.ly/k1akKq RT @limkitsiang: where is yr blog 2champion RM450m Tambatuon dam?

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 9:33pm
RT @ismawi: @mpkotabelud good argument, great article YB … YB Lim please read it Sir ….

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 9:34pm
RT @mrakunman: @mpkotabelud @limkitsiang awaiting 4 LKS response

limkitsiang Jun 02, 9:50pm
TQ 4yr blog piece @mpkotabelud by deft omission YB has virtually admitted: (1) u have not visited Kg Tambatuon even once since elected MP KB

limkitsiang Jun 02, 9:56pm
(2)YB had x visited KgT 4dialogue abt proposed RM450mil T dam which wld completely flood KgT/forced uprooting of 3 other kgs @mpkotabelud

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:08pm
(3)YB remiss as MP x consulting KgT ppl who face destruction of traditional village by T dam.Q – r u MP KgT/KB or dam interests @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:15pm
@limkitsiang Answer my points in my blog lah YB. Don’t beat arnd the bush! R u concern abt the security of the nation? U r not 1st term MP

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:17pm
(4) Y YB refused 2enter KgT even once in 3 yrs 2win over KgT ppl? Y SingkuiTinggi sacked as KgT Ketua Kg 4protesting agnst dam? @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:18pm
RT @limkitsiang: @mpkotabelud by deft omission YB has virtually admitted: (1) u have not visited Kg Tambatuon even once since elected MP KB

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:20pm
Singkui was replaced because he was convicted in native court. Not becoz of dam. See all ur facts wrong! Aiyoyo! RT @limkitsiang

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:22pm
(5) I can arrange meeting in KgT 4YB 2dialogue w KgT ppl re T dam before Parliament meeting 13June. Is YB prepared 2meet them? @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:23pm
Kedah case is diff. Our KB needs the dam. I wish it aint so. RT @imokman: @mpkotabelud well written piece, YB, but pray tell, did Kedah become the rice bowl of Msia because of dams?

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:24pm
@limkitsiang obviously u were more concern on how many times I visited the kg (whch I hv by the way) than the plight of my poor ppl. Shame!

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:26pm
Sekinchan is one of a kind. Other areas can’t beat them. RT @imokman

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:27pm
(6) YB raised in blog macro issue of food security. Many pts open 2debate. But pertinent Q is T dam 2flood KgT/relocate 3 kgs @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:28pm
First step. RT @imokman: @mpkotabelud 4 tons per acre

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:31pm
(7) Have x exhausted rebuttals to YB’s case 4micro question of RM450 mil T dam.Let these b thrashed out in YB’s dialogue in KgT @mpkotabelud

dredwinbosi Jun 02, 10:34pm
@mpkotabelud r u sure the pop in Tambatuon is 550? Pl check. Its all about poor planning. People first or what?

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:37pm
(8)Finally don’t look 4excuses as blame DAP as “instigators” 2oppose T dam 4two yrs. I visited KgT on 28/5 Sun 4fact-finding @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:37pm
Make substantive rebuttals pls. I don’t want to deal wt DAP cybertropper standard. Sorry. RT @dredwinbosi

__earth Jun 02, 10:38pm
@mpkotabelud @imokman why 4 tons though? some kind of benchmark obtained from somewhere?

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:41pm
@limkitsiang I am dissapopinted YB. U don’t address major points in my rebuttal. Tak apa saya faham. U need rest.

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:41pm
Starting point. RT @__earth: @mpkotabelud @imokman why 4 tons though? some kind of benchmark obtained from somewhere?

mpkotabelud Jun 02, 10:44pm
Off to Singapore now. Hope weather is fine there.

limkitsiang Jun 02, 10:45pm
How can YB agree 2destruction of KgT in yr constituency w/o visiting it? Ever visited Kg Ratau, Kg Bundu Paka, Kg Lingkubang? @mpkotabelud

limkitsiang Jun 03, 12:41am
Come! Come! Who believe u? How many times @mpkotabelud visited KgT last 3yrs? Date venue witnesses? MPs “save” their kgs but u destroy them

mpkotabelud Jun 03, 12:54am
@limkitsiang Thnk God u r not my PM. U don’t knw economics &u wud sell Msia to the highest bidder. I hv proven in my blog whc u cant refute.

mpkotabelud Jun 03, 12:55am
@limkitsiang I proved in my blog tht u don’t care abt the poor farmers in kbelud. Why? just becoz they are diff from u?

limkitsiang Jun 03, 1:08am
B humble @mpkotabelud admit gross negligence – nvr visited KgT 3yrs despite being in centre of RM450m T dam maelstrom 2dialogue w villagers

limkitsiang Jun 03, 1:15am
Satisfy KgT re T dam 1st as macro issue of nation’s food security cannot b justification 2make KgT ppl victims of development @mpkotabelud

mpkotabelud Jun 03, 1:28am
@limkitsiang I am in Spore. Perhaps I shud ask KuanYew what makes u tick. Will he know? I mean u guys r practically kamcing brothers! No?

mpkotabelud Jun 03, 1:37am
Ok good point. But how 2hndle rice crisis whc will come sonner thn later? Gv us options RT@limkitsiang can’t make KgT ppl victims of dvlpmnt

mpkotabelud Jun 03, 1:39am
@limkitsiang If u can’t gv us alternatives, u r condemning my ppl to poverty forever &put the nation in grave danger at the same time. How?

limkitsiang Jun 03, 7:49am
KgT ppl prepared any day for next 9 days to dialogue with u on T dam issue. Wil u visit them for 1st time? RT @mpkotabelud: I am in Spore.

limkitsiang Jun 03, 8:02am
YB hv been giving shifty n shitty claims hving visited KgT. Specify them. Tell me, wats ur feeling on ur 1st visit to KgT? @mpkotabelud

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