10 Days in May (24)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

Identity yrselves – UMNO/BN Ministers who secretly support Utusan’s “Christian Msia” bogey http://bit.ly/lX7f5r Totally agnst Najib’s GMoM!

Umno/BN Ministers shld not b closet extremists while outwardly claim 2b moderates secretly assuring Utusan support 4its Christian Msia bogey

If Najib is serious about GMoM he shd draw line in the sand n ask every Minister 2declare whether 4 or agnst Utusan’s Christian Msia bogey

How many Umno/BN Cabinet Ministers qualify as genuine moderates – x extremists or opportunists – 2join MMoM, 1st national bldg block 4 GMoM?

Will Najib dare 2patronise MMoM- 1st object 2rally moderates of all races religions 2censure Utusan “Christian Msia” bogey n abjure bigotry?

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