Living in my kind of country

By Kaycee | May 19, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

MAY 19 — In 1962 I left for Sydney to further my studies and returned in 1968 where I obtained my first middle management position as night manager of the Hotel Merlin Kuala Lumpur until the political turmoil in 1969 which I witnessed with much sadness.

After the riots, I left for Herefordshire in the UK and attended a hotel catering management course there and returned to a position at the Kartika Plaza Hotel, Jakarta in 1972. Subsequently after my sojourn in Jakarta I returned to Batu Ferringhi, Penang and was a pioneer management staff of the Casuarina Beach Hotel, running its entire food/beverage operations there.

In 1974 I returned to the Merlin Hotel KL to be a senior manager of its food/beverage operations there, heading some almost 300+ staff. However I returned to Penang after being headhunted to join Casuarina in 1976 and then was headhunted again by the Merlin Hotels Corporate Head Office as group operations manager actively participating in the expansion and development of the hotel group in Malaysia and overseas during the early ‘80s.

In 1984 I was appointed general manager of the Merlin Hollywood, Los Angeles till my next appointment as GM of the Grand Continental Hotel KL in 1986 which opened during a depressed tourism climate.

However, the newly-opened Grand Continental KL posted a nett profit in its first year of operation, an achievement which I dearly cherished till my migration to Sydney, Australia in 1988.

As your portal has requested for reasons of my migration, I shall tell you very frankly why… the deplorable state of the country then and NOW, pre-Mahathir and post-Mahathir. Everywhere in the media one sees the country is going to the dogs instead of advancing forward.

Malaysia is and will be a banana republic simply because its administration is corrupted to the core in all areas of public service; law enforcement is corrupt and biased which leads to a politically-motivated judiciary… getting down to the bottom of the barrel the country is going down the gurgler, no use blaming Umno, etc.

The opposition is just as bad and that includes the DAP, PAS, etc. Every day the headlines scream of sex, bastardisation, corruption, poor administration, hopeless law enforcement, etc. The list goes on… there is nothing in the media that says they are doing this for the nation, for the good of all, not just Bumis only.

Religion is also something of a great big joke. So pray tell me why I should NOT migrate to another country that offers me equal opportunity in life, education, career, freedom of worship, hospitalisation, pension for life, top law and judicial system, etc!

* We asked readers who have migrated to tell us in their own words why they left. This is one of the stories.

  1. #1 by rockdaboat on Friday, 20 May 2011 - 4:42 pm

    Kaycee has generalised many issues and has chosen to see only the negatives. One cannot deny that, for example, Penang, under Pakatan, has made some good progress.

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