10 days in May (18)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

TBH RCI- Y ShafeeAbdullah as counsel did not advise MACC 2admit responsibility 4TeohBengHock’s death as TBH was under MACC custody premises?

Then MACC shld fully co-operated w RCI 2establish actual circumstances of TBH death. No. MACC denied 2very end – with lies cover-ups.

What Shafie meant when said focus TBH’s death x on MACC blunders n referred 2OJ Simpson murder case? MACC want Shafie 2do a Simpson in RCI?

MACC wanted more – not only secure acquittal(S 4murder xwife Nicole in most publicized Am’can criminal trial)but incriminate DAP 4TBH murder

RCI shld re-open public hearing 2give MACC chief opp explain Y it acted so irresponsibility @TBH inquest/RCI.Also apologise 4Sarbani’s death

Originally, RCI 2inquire in2 MACC’s investigation methods cos numerous serious allegations of MACC torture n physical violence. Y no more?

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