10 days in May (15)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

Will Cabinet 2day endorse Najib’s call 4Global Movement of Moderates n launch Msian Movement of Moderates? Or is it only 4int publicity?

1st agenda of Msian Movement of Moderates: Save Msia from Utusan “Christian Msia” extremism/bigotry by rallying moderates from all faiths

How many BNMinisters qualified 2join MsianMovementofModerates (MMoM)?Hw mny BNMinisters r extremists,genuine moderates or just opportunists?

Will Hishamuddin qualify 2b member of MMoM w his Keris-wielding, support of cow-head stomping n condoning Utusan “Christian Msia” bogey?

Wil Muhyiddin of Malay 1st Msian 2nd qualified to be member of MMoM? Are moderates in BN cabinet ready to stand up n b counted?

Let moderates of PR-BN unite against extremists ala Utusan. If BN dare not, PR may initiate MMoM campaign

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