Church mulls legal action against Utusan for false reporting

By Debra Chong
The Malaysian Insider
May 08, 2011

GEORGE TOWN, May 8 — Bishop Antony Selvanayagam (left) said Utusan Malaysia lied about the Penang Catholic Church’s role in an alleged plot to make Malaysia Christian, adding he will consult a lawyer to discuss legal options against the Umno newspaper.

The cleric said neither he nor the Catholic Church were aware of any Christian meeting taking place in Penang as reported by the Malay newspaper, which also said yesterday the meeting was to discuss changing the country’s highest law to put a Christian in place of a Muslim as prime minister.

“That report is not true. No such conference took place in any Catholic church or facility here. As bishop, I would know,” he told The Malaysian Insider when contacted last night.

“That is false reporting,” Selvanayagam said, adding that neither Utusan nor any other person, apart from The Malaysian Insider, had contacted him to verify the report before its publication or since.

Asked if he planned to take action against Utusan Malaysia, he said, “Immediately, I would not be able to say. I would need to consult the Catholic Church and my legal advisor.”

In the front-page article headlined “Malaysia negara Kristian? (Malaysia a Christian country?), the Malay daily reported that “Malam ini pula akan diadakan satu majlis di Pusat Kristian (Katolik) Pulau Pinang di sini dan satu ceramah perdana pula dianjurkan esok. Pertemuan itu dikatakan dianjurkan setiap tahun”.

[In English: “Tonight there will be a function at the Penang Christian Centre (Catholic) here and the inaugural lecture will take place tomorrow. The convention is organised every year.”]

The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) has clarified that the meeting reported by Utusan is the Unashamedly Ethical Conference it has co-organised with another group, Marketplace Penang, and two others, including Global Day of Prayer and the Penang Pastors Fellowship.

The NECF stressed that it was not a religious event and the convention was aimed at increasing Christian awareness of social ills, such as corruption, and finding ways to tackle them.

Selvanayagam, who has been bishop since 1980, also dismissed allegations connecting the Catholic Church to a political conspiracy to make Christianity the country’s official religion.

“As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, we are not involved,” he said, and strongly opposed attempts by Muslim groups to drag the Church into the controversy by raising the issue of the Herald’s court case on “Allah”.

Several Muslim organisations, including right-wing Malay rights group Perkasa, have lodged police reports after reading the Utusan report, which was based entirely on allegations by several anonymous bloggers known to be pro-Umno.

The bloggers have accused the DAP of sedition in an alleged conspiracy with Christians to change the country’s highest law to put a Christian in place of a Muslim as prime minister.

To back up their allegation, the bloggers pointed to a grainy photograph showing what they described to be a secret pact between the DAP’s Jelutong MP and pastors at a closed-door dinner party in a Penang hotel on Wednesday.

The DAP has vehemently denied the allegations and its secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, has directed its members to file police reports to counter them.

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 8:14 am

    By right, the Church should lodge a complaint and sue because Utusan has committed criminal mischief as well as defamed the church. But this is Malaysia and bending over backward is considered a responsibility of minorities and the righteous against the Ketuanan Agenda.

    Whether to lodge it or not has to be practical in other words, not a matter of principle only. I say its impractical but on the hand, it should demand a meeting with Najib & Hishamuddin to allow them their own public media if they are going to allow these lies to spread. Christian should ask for their own TV and papers.. That would be more practical..

  2. #2 by negarawan on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 8:54 am

    Immediate legal action must be taken against Utusan and Home Ministry for criminal and malicious intention to defame Christians in this country. Utusan has also placed the Christian community in this country in real danger of reprisals from extremist muslim groups. The questions is why Utusan and UMNO, Utusan’s owner, is launching a hate campaign against Christians in this country? Why is Hishamuddin giving a warning to the Christian community when investigations have not even completed yet? What type of weak and race/religious-biased leadership is Najip protraying by continuously not taking any action against Utusan, and malay/muslim extremist groups that threaten racial and religious harmony? For all non-bumis and non-muslims, please think when you vote in the coming GE if this injustice is what you want to continue in this country.

  3. #3 by negarawan on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 9:14 am

    I think at this juncture it can be officially announced that 1Malaysia is renamed to 1BigLie

  4. #4 by habis on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 9:51 am

    Malaysian should fully support legal action against Utusan Malaysia for trying to fan racial unrest and disharmony in our country.Home Minister should resign for not taking drastic immediate action to use the ISA on the culprits who had evil ulterior motives to gain political points at the expense of the peace loving rakyat.

  5. #5 by madmix on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 10:10 am

    Yes there is a conspiracy to make Malay land Christian: here is the plot:
    Give Malay bible with Allah in it to the Generals and police top brass. They read, a light suddenly appears and they all convert to Christianity. Then they spread the Malay Al kitab to others and so on. Utusan is right.

  6. #6 by Loh on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 10:53 am

    ///GEORGE TOWN, May 8 — Bishop Antony Selvanayagam (left) said Utusan Malaysia lied about the Penang Catholic Church’s role in an alleged plot to make Malaysia Christian, adding he will consult a lawyer to discuss legal options against the Umno newspaper.///

    There is no restriction to free practice of any religion, in the constitution. There is also no restriction on who can be prime minister of Malaysia. There is nothing wrong to make Malaysia Christian if Muslims are willing to convert. That is a non-issue, and Utusan Melayu spreading fears among the Muslims is nothing new. They spread fears among non-Muslims for forging 1Melayu, and for 1bumi. It is only surprising that Utusan Melayu is allowed to create disunity in the country with impunity, and stranger still Utusan Melayu is owned by UMNO. But then considering that UMNO governs through rule by law and the laws of the land are used against UMNO’s political opponents, then the actions of Utusan Melayu is clear. That is why UMNO should be sent to opposition bench, and I wish Anwar if made prime minister will take revenge, starting from Mamakthir.

  7. #7 by Loh on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 10:56 am

    ///Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that the general election should not be held until at least 2012. The government has got time. I think it can go on until 2012, he told reporters…///–Malaysiakini

    He wants the GE delayed for as long as possible. When Anwar is in power then, it is too late to take revenge, when the target has left this world.

  8. #8 by Cinapek on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:04 am

    It is time to stop “mulling” and whining about Utusan. Najib’s silence and his Govt’s inaction plus Hisham’s “buat bodoh” attitude are clear signs that these kind of provocative actions by Utusan either has the tacit approval of UMNO or worse, encouraged by them. I sincerely hope I am wrong but somehow I have a feeling there is a hidden hand behind all these provocative actions by Utusan and that hand is very powerful because Utusan knows it is protected by whatever it does.

    The Church should explore all manners of legal options to stop these extremist elements from setting trhis country on fire with lies. And LGE should stop complaining about Utusan not apologising about the lies it has published about him and take action. Let such matters be brought to an open court and expose Utusan and their lies. And if their hidden hand uses the judiciary or whatever Govt. machinery to suppress this, use every other means to expose Utusan’s lies.

    Remember the lessons of history. Britain tried to appease Hitler and what happened? It led to WWII. If we do not take firm action against Utusan, it will only embolden them further and they will provoke the other races and religion further. And we all know where that will lead us. Do we want to see this country on fire?

    Maybe there are people who realise they cannot hope to retain power through legal means and are trying every means possible to start a racial or religious conflict thus allowing them to impose martial law and repeat their abuse of power after May 13.

  9. #9 by monsterball on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:24 am

    Race and religion brought to new heights.
    Unworkable…yet it done.
    13th GE is near.
    That will be their platforms..creating fear and warning to voters.

  10. #10 by Dr. W on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:33 am

    I can’t believe my eyes while reading about this abroad.

    I can’t understand how a govt could become so desperate.

    I cant’t imagine what is lying ahead for our children.

    I can’t help feeling sad and disappointed.

    BUT I will definitely go home to vote against the evil regime!

  11. #11 by on cheng on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:42 am

    yes, go ahead, go aftr tokkok hutusan ! since Msia like to make itself a laighing stok of de world, den join in de fun lah !

  12. #12 by cseng on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:43 am

    Whoever know DAP would know DAP would not do this!. But Utusan put this in front page, either Utusan edictors are stupid or they expect their readers are stupid. After all the years indoctrination, their readers could buy in everthying Utusan publised. It is amazing, the sex clip and this issue has their market? I think, for BN to stay in power, these readers has to be kept stupid.. and they are.

  13. #13 by on cheng on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:49 am

    Just like a healthy 110 kg giant, said a 6 years p;d boy want to kill the giant using boy’s bare fist, den asl polis to catch the 6 y.o. boy !

  14. #14 by negarawan on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 11:56 am

    In Singapore, race and religion has not been an election topic since decades ago. In Malaysia, after 50 years, race and religion are still raging topics and getting worse by the day! As some world leaders put it, Malaysia is a failed state. SHAME ON YOU BARISAN NASIONAL AND UMNO FOR YOU UTTER FAILURE IN UNITING ALL THE RACES AND RELIGION IN MALAYSIA!

  15. #15 by negarawan on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 12:05 pm

    Why is our PDRM working hard on supporting UMNO wrongful causes and persecuting opposition politicians but doing absolutely nothing about serious public threats for months already! Why is our PDRM so useless!! IGP must resign!!!

    Acid splasher strikes with five new victims

    KUALA LUMPUR: The acid splashers have claimed five new victims, including a one-year-old baby, during a string of attacks on Friday and Saturday.

    It is learnt the first attack occured at 9pm on Friday when two women in their 20s were walking along Jalan Pudu Lama.

    The next attack occured barely an hour later on a woman in a parking lot in front of The Mall shopping center.

    A woman and her one year old baby in the compound of her Persiaran Titiwangsa home at 3pm on Saturday became the fourth and fifth victim when the attacker splashed the burning liquid on them.

    It is learnt that one of the victims, attacked on Friday suffered severe burns which could lead to her losing an eye and is currently warded in the Kuala Lumpur intensive care unit.

    The rest of them received outpatient treatment at the hospital.

    After a string of attacks since beginning of the year involving over 20 victims, the last reported case was in Mantin, Seremban on April 2.

    City police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah was reported earlier as saying the police were taking the matter very seriously as the attacks were beginning to cause panic among city folks.

    Despite a special task force being formed specifically to track down and apprehend this suspect, police have had little luck so far in this case.

    The only lead police have into the identity of the suspect is that he is of dark complexion, rides either a Honda EX5 or Yamaha motorcycle with a carrier compartment in front.

  16. #16 by Dr. W on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 12:33 pm

    I can’t agree with Negarawan more. The GE in Singapore was so gracefully carried out. The agenda is all about the best interest of all Singaporeans. Specific race and religion were hardly heard.

    The PAP government has been doing such a great job in growing Singapore. The ministers including Mr. Lee Hsien Loong were so gentle and humble during the rally. You could really feel their sincerity. A great contrast to the politicians in Malaysia who are severely tainted and yet so arrogant!

    Mr. Lee apologized sincerely to the Singaporeans for two incidents, the orchard flash flood and Mat Selamat’s escape and promised to do better in the future. I could hardly recall any Malaysia ministers ever apologize for issues that are significantly more serious. Things like murder and rape! Not to mention the constant threatening recently, stirring of racial and religion sentiments, cheap and dirty politics, heavy weight corruption scandals, etc!

    I echoed what Negarawan has said, SHAME ON YOU BARISAN NATIONAL. I won’t care how dark the Pakatan will be painted, I will strive to strike you out. I am keeping my citizenship to witness your downfall, be it now, be it decades from now!

  17. #17 by k1980 on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 12:47 pm

    #14 by negarawan

    The PDRM are to busy tracing the owner of the Omega watch in the Datuk T video clip to spare personnel to catch the acid-thrower.

  18. #18 by Loh on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 1:17 pm

    From The Star :Chinese voters must decide

    ///The question is whether the Chinese community wishes to be in the government or the opposition in the next general election.///–WCW

    The Chinese want to be in the government but they do not want to have MCA-type of Chinese representing them. It would be more correct to say that the Chinese want MCA to be out of the government so that UMNO will be sent to opposition bench. In the event that UMNO still retains power, Chinese prefer MCA to be outside the government so that the Chinese interest would not be said to be represented by MCA, which over the past 5 decades have not been able to safeguard the interests of the Chinese. In particular, MCA in the 1970 was promised that NEP would be for 20 years, but now NEP is forever. Chinese want UMNO to explain to the world how NEP is not discriminatory?

    ///Racial representation certainly does matter in any government, whether Barisan or Pakatan, as Baru Bian himself has acknowledged. And no matter how we argue, the DAP won in the Chinese areas.///-WCW

    Racial representation matters only when the government practices racist policies. That only happens, and considered to be normal, in Malaysia. The sensitivity of the culture and religion of the people are clear to all, and so long as the civil servants do not intentionally act against any racial group, there is no need to have racial quota in government.

    The Chinese voted DAP because firstly DAP shows that it is able to govern Penang without corruption. Secondly DAP fights racism and corruption in government, and Chinese in Sarawak are against BN’s racial discriminatory policies.

    ///The DAP has said that it makes no difference whether SUPP is in the state government or not. But that remains to be seen and evalua­ted in the next five years. ///WCW

    To DAP, the persons elected to serves as the government do not serve the interests of their community against others; they serve the interest of the nation. Thus in a healthy democracy whether SUPP is in or out of government should not matter. In Malaysia if MCA is out of the government UMNO will have to care about what foreigners think about its policies and stability, and it would be better for the Chinese who seek fairness and justice in the country.

    ///Now comes the question of the Chinese representation at federal level. Anti-establishment sentiments among the Chinese remain strong with their grouses pertaining to economic opportunities, places in public universities, career opportunities in public services, abuse of the affirmative actions and religious concerns.///–WCW

    MCA is not a stupid organization, but political reality prevented them from safeguarding Chinese interests. So until UMNO changes its mindset, there is no turning back to the pre-May 13 days. Only when UMNO is forced to the opposition, or when MCA is not the convenient scapegoat would UMNO takes a close look on the statement that one can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time. UMNO certainly cannot fool all the Malays all the time, and threaten the Chinese at all time.

    ///The Chinese community has always placed strong emphasis on continued progression. Their migratory patterns to seek better lives have long been recorded. Even in countries that are predominantly Chinese – China, Taiwan and Singapore – the community always wants more.///–WCW

    It is not true that they want more as if they are greedy; they only try to achieve their potentials. Even trying to progress, it is not in their culture to bully. There is nothing wrong in seeking progression, and that is how the society develops.

    ///Any politician who asks Chinese voters to be grateful would only commit political suicide, given the fact that the community makes up one of the largest group of personal income tax contributors in Malaysia.///WCW

    If Chinese should be grateful, they should be grateful that they are not robbed more. Compared to the lawless days the Chinese might have to be grateful that lootings in modern Malaysia is not as rampant as a few centuries in the past. Yes Chinese and all human beings are grateful that with the passage of time, and through scientific and economic development, lives have been easier than in the past. In terms of governing the country, the BN government has clearly failed.

    The fact that Chinese pays the bulk of income tax in Malaysia has no relevant to the ordinary Chinese who only wanted the country to be governed through rule of law. Mamakthir stated the fact with evil ulterior motives. It is equally irrelevant to sum up the shares of equity, or the wealth by community. The law in the country allows the citizens to own and retain their wealth, and to pass down to their descendents. The wealth being the results of hard work or luck of the individual are not a matter for government intervention. The government has no business to be involved in distributing wealth though the world over modern governments do involve in making social transfers to help the needy. But wealth distribution has been UMNO’s guiding principles, and they transfer from national coffers public funds to create private wealth of the persons chosen by the powers-that be.

    ///Development is after all the duty of the government. That’s what politicians are supposed to do.

    But it has also been frustrating for the MCA, the largest Chinese partner in the Barisan. It has a record in education which no Chinese-based party in Malaysia can match. Hundreds of thousands have graduated from Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman and now Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    It cannot be denied that even critics of the MCA have benefited in some ways from the party. As an example, many are sending their children to KTAR or Utar, which are heavily subsidised by the party and its supporters. It would be more acceptable to suggest that the MCA need to do more.///–WCW

    MCA has done well as a social organization. It has failed as a political party. No amount of good work besides those in political area would compensate for MCA’s dismay performance in safeguarding the Chinese interests. For that matter all the clans and associations have been beneficial to their members, but they do not claim to represent the Chinese in terms of agreeing to government policies.

    ///At the MCA headquarters, every day there is such a long queue of people seeking help from the party’s officials. It resembles a busy hospital scene.

    Certainly, it has been dampening and even heart-wrenching for the party to be asked what it has done for the Chinese. It has now come to a head-on: Should the Chinese vote opposition but turn to the MCA for help?///–WCW

    The Chinese should go for assistance where they would be helped. It is not a trade off for having some assistance from MCA and to forgo the larger issues such as the equality as a citizen of this county. MCA can quit politics and would still be able to serve the Chinese in the capacity it claims to have done well.

    ///It is clear that MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is not accepting such an arrangement. The party has decided that should it fare worse than in the 2008 polls, the MCA would not accept any government position – not even municipal council, district committee or hospital advisory board posts.///–WCW

    What then is the purpose of remaining in Barisan Nasional and to allow UMNO to claim that its racist discriminatory policies have the backing of MCA said to represent Chinese? MCA needs to make a total break from Barisan Nasional. Chinese reject MCA because it is not able to safeguard the interests of Chinese. Whether or not MCA failed to fight it is clear that UMNO is arrogant, and UMNO has not changed and is getting worse by the day. So, Chinese want MCA to be disassociated with UMNO.

    ///The decision should be regarded not as a threat but as a matter of choice. The wishes of the community must be respected as massive defeats for the MCA in the next polls can only be seen as the wish of the voters to reject Chinese representation in government.///–WCW

    It is only in name that Chinese are represented by MCA in government. If the government policies are not race-based, there is no need for racial presentation. When the policies are race-based, the low percentage of non-Malays hardly changes UMNO’s wishes. That is a myth that there were ever give-and-take on policies because of resource limitation, it has always been policies appealing to political supports from racists. The sooner MCA leave the racist game, the better for the country and the Chinese community.

    ///No dignified Chinese leader – whether MCA, Gerakan or SUPP – should accept a senator’s post after publicly pledging he would not accept any government post this time. It would be simply demeaning.///–WCW

    There is no shortage of persons who just fit the mould of un-dignified person, whether they claim to be Chinese leaders or not. UMNO thinks that whoever it appoints, he is the Chinese leaders. Chinese have their own mind. MCA would claim that in the interest of stability, in the words of Lim Siang Chai (senator, deputy finance minister) for the sake of stability MCA would remain in government after losing worse than 308. So, to make the stability visible, MCA members would have to sacrifice their honour and accept the appointment as senators. Chua Soi Lek would be removed as President of MCA or he would accept appointment as senator due to the changing need to maintain stability. Brutus LTL will be waiting ad hoping to be the next President. Nobody wants the dog that bites.

    ///The MCA has readily admitted that it would have little legitimacy to be in government if it is rejected by the community. For sure, it would have little bargaining power if it is regarded as non-representative of the Chinese community.///–WCW

    It is not an issue of brute force represented by votes. It is the argument in the most civilized manner as to whether government policies have been in the interest of the nation. In fact there is nothing in the constitution which says that Malays have special privilege. There is only the recognition that based on needs Malays were placed on the special position for special assistances, initially for 15 years, and subject to review. Tun Razak had to cover his track and created NEP, but that too has passed the promised 20-year duration. If MCA cannot convince UMNO to do the right things, it has to quit. MCA does not get even one-third of the constituencies to stand in general election, so no matter how many seats are returned, they are not able to stop UMNO.

    Every citizen has the legitimate right to political opinion. MCA should be able to speak for the community, and if UMNO refuses to listen, MCA has no choice but to quit. It is just an excuse to claim that there is little bargaining power if MCA is not sufficiently represented. The fact is MCA has no bargaining power at all. It has only the opportunity to voice its opinion. But after voicing, MCA can choose to leave the government when voices spoken are not heard.

    ///If it does not perform well, then the MCA should pack up, accept the rejection, stay on the sidelines for the next five years and let its political opponent take up the interests of the Chinese community.///–WCW

    MCA should leave the government. The few MPs, if any, should be independent and speak for their conscience.

    ///In the next general election, the likelihood is that the DAP has a good chance of retaining Penang. But there can never be a Penang factor elsewhere.

    In Kedah, PAS is facing a strong challenge while in Perak, the political scenario has changed drastically with the Barisan regaining much ground.

    Of the 222 parliamentary seats, only 40-odd seats are Chinese majority with over 65% Chinese votes. There are about 30-odd racially mixed seats. That means the Chinese political clout is restricted, and it has not helped with the population continuing to decline sharply.///–WCW

    Mamakthir wants PAS and PKR Malays to return to UMNO, and more importantly he wants Kaka Muslim, the descendent of the Indian from Calicut, Kerela, India, to be the next deputy Prime Minister when Najib gets no better than 308 results, and Muhyiddin does to Najib what Najib did to AAB.

    ///In Selangor, the official statistic is that it is only 29% of the five million population, and in Penang with its more than one million population, the Chinese are reportedly no longer the majority.///–WCW

    The Malays in Selangor and Penang, other than the Mamaks-NEWMalays, have learned about UMNO’s excesses, and they prefer meritocracy to racism.

    ///In 1957, the Chinese made up 45% of the country’s population. But the projection is that by 2035, it will drop to 18.6% if the decline continues.///–WCW

    Tun Razak said that it was good riddance that Chinese left the country because of NEP. He must be laughing in his grave.

    ///With the indication now that Malay and Indian votes have returned to the Barisan, the scenario is moving towards an unhealthy situation where Malays are in government and the Chinese are on the opposition.///–WCW

    Mamakthir’s words are repeated as if they are the truth. UMNO utilizes race as an issue to protect those who enrich themselves under the aegis of NEP. Ordinary Malays learn that 888 billion ringgit went out of the country illegally, and they are not surprised that the owners are those said to belong to the race that needed assistance. Sine they are trained to be jealous of others’ good fortune, can we expect them to support status quo of having UMNOputras mining good in government offices?

    ///PKR and PAS are fully aware of the Malay shift, with PKR re-emphasising its commitment to protecting Malay special rights while the Islamist party is expected to do the same at its general meeting next month in a move to regain the Malay votes.

    The question is whether the Chinese community wishes to be the king-maker, to be in the government or the opposition, in the next general election.///–WCW

    When PKR and PAS take those stand, Malaysia will be Zimbabwe sooner rather than later.

  19. #19 by waterfrontcoolie on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 1:32 pm

    I hope Hisap-pudding realizes that every time such incident happens, his non-thinking reaction will cost him some votes. If UM and their agents have evidence of such conclusion, prove it. Being a non- conformist in religious belief, I can hardly believe any other faith believer would stoop to this quality of conclusion. Hisap may believe in sloganeering by virtual of his environment, no one else will!. I hope the Church will sue UM don’t wait!

  20. #20 by k1980 on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 1:39 pm

    Tumolo’s utusan’s headlines—-

    Emergency Rule Declared….GE13 Postponed to 11.11.3011….dap leaders under isa….Plot to seize power….Set up christian Kingdom under King Antony Selvanayagam the First…..Arms cache found in dap HQ

  21. #21 by monsterball on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 1:39 pm

    Cannot talk about corruptions.
    Cannot deny applying double standards.
    Cannot deny economy going down the drain.
    Cannot deny world econmy reports and opinions against them.
    Cannot explain where RM71 billion earned by Petronas gone to…EVERY YEAR!!
    Cannot complete Port Klang Free Zone RM12.4 billion ripped off. Arrests for show only.
    And many many more cannots and put aside…like all are not important issues.
    The best option is to provoke..instigate…accused…ignoring truths and principles in life.
    It has reached the lowest dirtiest kind of low class politics you can ever imagine.
    Najib have no power or authority.
    Elected by UMNO B for show only….and only powerful…if he can get more votes for 13th GE.
    This is his ways.
    UMNO B have made up their minds not to depend on Christain votes….for by sacrificing these votes..they hope to round up more Malays racists and fanatics…particularly from PAS to add into their bucket of fanatics and racists.
    They are hoping Chinese will stay selfish and vote for MCA or BN to so call ….for peace and harmony.
    They have calculated..corruptions are not important to poor Chinese Malaysians.
    They are hoping these poor Chinese and Malaysians do not understand how they have been ripped off…by sucking off RM71 billions every year earned by Petronas..which belong to all Malaysians.
    Majority are struggling how to make ends meet…and UMNO B hope Malaysians stay ..not smart.
    Race and religion politics will decide the 13th GE.

  22. #22 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 2:03 pm

    The church should also file a police report to charge Liow Tiong Lai who says Utusan report is a ‘rumour’.. Utusan commited criminal mischief and Liow, after calling DAP a satay party, is now technically ‘contributing to the deliquency or felony’.

  23. #23 by givemeliberty on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 2:12 pm

    Hishamuddin should also be sanctioned for shooting his mouth without verifying first. As a Federal Cabinet Minister and in charge of Home Affairs, his first priority is to ensure that the security of the country is not jeopardised. He must understand that his responsibility as the Home Minister is to the people not UMNO(B).

    May I suggest to him since more often than not he doesn’t seem to know what to do that his first response to Utusan Memalukan poor excuse for journalism is say that he had just heard this so-called news in UM and that he would need to get to the bottom of it before making any comments and taking any action.

    Or else, if he just cannot do this, JUST RESIGN-lah! Because you are a disgrace and incapable as Home Minister.

  24. #24 by baochingtian on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 2:21 pm

    #7 ///Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that the general election should not be held until at least 2012. The government has got time. I think it can go on until 2012, he told reporters…///–Malaysiakini

    May be Bolehland will be a lot more peaceful when M.Kutty meets up with Osama and UM could be their official media.

  25. #25 by drngsc on Sunday, 8 May 2011 - 5:19 pm

    Dear Bishop Anthony, You must take legal action. Consult your legal advisors as to how to word it, but you must take legal action. This blatant lie must be challenged. It must not be allowed to stand unchallenged.
    They are getting desparate, getting more and more seditious. They are losing confidence in themselves, so they are resorting to threats and lies.

    We must change the tenant at Putrajaya.

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