RESOLUTION of first meeting of Sabahans in Klang Valley

RESOLUTION of first meeting of Sabahans in Klang Valley in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, July 4, 2010:

The first meeting of Sabahans in the Klang Valley held in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, July 4, 2010 to discuss specifically the problems of Sabahans stranded in Klang Valley and generally the concerns, grievances and frustrations of Sabahans 47 years in Malaysia RESOLVES as follows:

  1. EXPRESS grave concern at the socio-economic plight of Sabahans stranded in the Klang Valley to the extent that homeless Sabahans had to scavenge for food from garbage bins outside restaurants in the Klang Valley or depend on food served by NGOs;

  2. EXPRESS grave distress at the spectrum of outstanding political, economic, socio-economic-cultural and citizenship woes of Sabahans, including:

    • the long-standing problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah, causing the Sabah population to multiply from some 400,000 during the formation of Malaysia in 1963 to over three million

    • Poverty in Sabah – instead of eradication of poverty in Sabah as promised by Barisan Nasional in 2000, Sabah has the highest poverty rate in the country.

    • Shocking backwardness in the development of basic infrastructures in Sabah whether roads, piped water, electricity and broadband to Sabahans.

    • Denial and discrimination against the rights of Sabahans with regard to 20% instead of just 5% oil royalty payment to Sabah government.

  3. NOTES that the New Economic Model had pinpointed the basic failure of Malaysian nation-building which is not only undermining 1Malaysia nation-building and the transformation of Malaysia into a progressive, just and internationally competitive nation when it admitted why Malaysia is losing out in the international competitive stakes and stressed: “Malaysia must be seen by its people and by others as a land of equal opportunity to earn a good living and provide a secure, happy life for each individual and the family”. It is this failure in the past 47 years of Malaysian nation-building to make Sabahans feel that they have an equal place under the Malaysian sun, and that Malaysia is “a land of equal opportunity to earn a good living and provide a secure, happy life for each individual and the
    family” that have made Sabahans feel strangers not only in Malaysia but in their native homeland in Sabah.

  4. CALLS on the Federal and Sabah state governments, and where relevant the Selangor state government, to undertake a total transformation of their policies to address and resolve the long-standing political, educational, socio-economic-cultural and citizenship woes of Sabahans or all the talk of 1Malaysia and making Sabah as “one of the most liveable places and a leading economic region in Asia” will remain empty platter.

  5. CALLS for a Royal Commission of Inquiry on how the dreams and aspirations of Sabahans and Sarawakians in forming Malaysia in 1963 had been fulfilled or betrayed in the past five decades.

  1. #1 by yhsiew on Sunday, 4 July 2010 - 6:33 pm

    Sabahans themselves are partly to be blamed for the plight that they are now in.

    For the past four decades they have repeatedly, without giving careful consideration, voted in a greedy government who was more interested in the natural resources of Sabah rather than its people. The time has come for Sabahans to vote SMARTLY in the 13th GE to vote in a government who really cares for the people and their well-being.

  2. #2 by lee wee tak_ on Sunday, 4 July 2010 - 8:16 pm

    i seconf yhsiew, don’t blame BN when you voted them in

    what irks me more is that voters would make unreasonable demand on opposition MPs (like asking them to drive them to hospital at night or come to their house midnight to see flood) while recoil in fear or wiggle their tale when they see a ruling party MP or even just a tax consuming civil servants

    we are stuck with these voters, have to educate them and hopefully some messages will get into their thick skull

    finance for PR is always a problem. The Malaysians who want changes should at least make donations…without money, nothing can be done

    i like the philosophy behind DAP’s alternate 2010 budget which empower state government more in economic matters and give them a sense of dignity and move them away from the present scenario of having to beg development from Putrajaya

    by extension this is reducing the influence of votes at state level hence the voters who only vote for state seats have virtually no avenue to voice their demand for equitable distribution of development and funds despite paying the same rate of income tax, sales and service tax and custom duty

    nowadays, Ipoh, Seremban, all these state capital as well as those “smaller towns” like Nilai, Bahau, Mantin, Tanjong Malim are being marginalised until you can see rows and rows of unoccupied houses and lonely old folks whose children had to abandone them to seek livelihood in KL or out of Malaysia

    1Malaysia beautifully illustrated
    Rakyat Diutamakan explained

  3. #3 by limkamput on Sunday, 4 July 2010 - 8:29 pm

    yhsiew, so you want the Sabahans to vote for who? Sabahans was not at fault. It is the leaders who they placed their trust, and also the continued harassment of the Fed govt when the first Parti Bersatu Sabah government was formed in the mid 1980s. Since then, the “federalisation” of Sabah and the demography of Sabah has changed beyond recognition. I must say the PR was a little late to see the need of Sabahans and Sarawakians. PR representation was weak in Sabah and Sarawak before 2008 election. May be they themselves could not see the potential of Sabah and Sarawak in helping them to secure Putrajaya.

  4. #4 by king cobra on Sunday, 4 July 2010 - 11:16 pm

    308 PR’s main focus is on Peninsular instead of EM which could potentially contribute 25 % of total Parliamentary seats.

    Money politics had long been nutured by DRM.
    Too many frogs been cultivated in Sabah.

    Sabah Based PKR especially could u pls Offer better candidates instead of former BN rejects.

    SAPP another gone case party , they are also no better than BN parties no doubt they had pulled out of BN coalition parties.

    TNB took over SESB , promised to let Sabahans see changes , yet there is still no improvement for those stupid black outs in the state. Bloody black outs can sometimes cause traffic chaos as the traffic lights were also affected & could cause un-necessary accidents on the roads.

    water issues still not totally resolved.
    Illegals staying in Sabah also not resolved.
    High cost of living with low wages earned by Sabahans. How to cope ?

    stupid F….er who say RM3k is more than enuff to survive in a city.

    f….ing transport so lousy , wait for 1 f…ing bus some times 1 hour also never come.
    Tat’s y need to buy car to travel. (petrol ,rd tax , insurance , maintenance ) all need money

    Lunch time eat at coffee shop , u think now still have RM3.50 per plate of Chaw Kway Teow ? now it costs RM5 , drink a cup of Iced coffee RM1.70.

    Sabah bank , our local bank assets also been sold.

    weekend when meeting up with friends say movie , karaoke , makan , all these need money & its not cheap.

    those with girlfriend if they went out can we ask them to pay themselves since they are working too?

    those who intend to get married planning to buy house , RM300000. how to cough out the 10% deposit ? RM30k , instalment / repayment of bank loan cum interest rates ,

    those with children how ? diapers , milk powder ,
    if child fall sick , bring them to doctor , all costs money.

    Send children for tuition , enrichment courses , all these money again.

    tat f….. RM3k very big is it…….

    Exchange rate against major currencies still under valued . last time RM2.30 can buy USD1 , now its RM3.2 to RM3.3 to USD1.

  5. #5 by monsterball on Monday, 5 July 2010 - 7:51 am

    Yes yhsiew…the voters in Sabah asked for it.
    This is exactly what UMNO B wants West Malaysians to be….successfully programed by them…which obviously vast majority have become…depend on the government for a living and so call generosities …as if all Sabahans are serving their elected “King”.
    Yes…just throw some money each voter during election time…most will be faithful to UMNO B’s running dogs in Sabah.
    Nothing much to do…a sleepy hollow State..where the rich remain richer and poor becomes poorer…based on who you know to rub shoulders.
    These dozen or so rich corrupted rubbing dogs are the string pullers and the vast men in the street are so used to be puppets on the strings.
    Yes…never wake up…never learn..and totally selfish and greedy have made them poor.
    After 12th GE…many have awakened and understand.
    Do they have the right frame of minds… to vote for change in government?
    DAP and keDAILan have said so much in the Forum.
    Will they read and hungers for truth?

  6. #6 by wanderer on Monday, 5 July 2010 - 8:56 am

    Sabahans who supported the corrupted BN govt for short term gains and long term sufferings. They were culprits caused by their own failings…just like Sarawak at the present moment! When have all the good men gone? If Sabahans do not wake up and fight their own battle with the help of PR…”Many a tear have to fall but it’s all, in a political game!”

  7. #7 by Peter on Tuesday, 6 July 2010 - 12:23 pm

    This is all part of the UMNO esp that mamak kutty plan to populate Sabah and may be eventually Sarawak also with immigrants from Indonesia, Philipines, Sri Lanka so that they can have complete control of East Malaysia. If Sabahans and Sarawakians do not wake up and fight back their rights and wealth, i am afraid they will be immigrants instead and may be completely wipe out as a race.

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