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Saudi clerics square off over gender mixing

By Paul Handley (AFP)
4th May 2010

RIYADH — Conservative Muslim Saudi Arabia’s battle over men and women freely mixing mounted on Tuesday as a powerful Islamic judge rebuked a hardline cleric over his attacks on anti-segregationist reformers.

In a column published on a website for judges, Riyadh criminal court judge Sheikh Issa al-Ghaith lashed out at cleric Abdul Rahman al-Barrak for his sweeping condemnation of anyone advocating lifting the country’s draconian Islamic laws against fraternisation between unrelated men and women.

“What does it mean to issue fatwas (Islamic edicts) that are difficult to implement and statements which make people go away?” Ghaith said.

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2010 World Press Freedom Day – will Najib usher a return of Mahathirish media dark age ?

2010 World Press Freedom Day ignored by Najib Government as Malaysia stands on the crossroad with Najib deciding whether to usher a return of  the Mahathirish media dark age
The 2010 World Press Freedom Day celebrated worldwide two days ago was completely ignored by the Najib government, without any commitment to restore press freedom in Malaysia, as press freedom in Malaysia  is in fact facing the possibility  of worst censorship and repression since the retirement of Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister five years ago.
This is the result of no institutional changes to create a new environment and regime of press and information freedom during the period of premiership of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister.
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Late-night visit of Special Panel to Aminulrasyid murder site “a circus, just PR show” – an insult to Aminul’s memory and concerned Malaysians

The late-night visit of the eight-man Special Panel headed by Deputy Home Minister Datuk Abu Seman Yusop to the Aminulrasyid murder site in Shah Alam yesterday was a circus, just a public relations (PR) show to assuage public outrage rather than substantive investigation and is therefore an insult to Aminul’s memory and the intelligence of concerned Malaysians.

I watched the 14.26 minute Malaysiakini video clip of the Special Panel’s visit and I am reminded of my visit, together with DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to the bereaved Aminul family in Shah Alam Section 11, particularly the suffering mother Norsiah Mohamad last Wednesday, directly on touchdown from our flight returning from Sibu.

The video of businessman, Wah Rahim Tajuddin, whose house was the exact spot Aminulrasyid had finally crashed into, and whose son is a good friend of Aminulrasyid, showed him still very distraught emotionally when narrating to members of the Special Panel the events of the tragic early hours the previous Monday eight days ago.

At least Rahim did not break down and wept as he did when he recounted to me the shocking killing of Aminulrasyid which he did not know until the next morning, believing that the corpse he saw slumped head-down in the car was a criminal whom the police had killed.
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Tweets on Aminulrasyid killing, Subang airport closure and whether a non-Malay can be PM


Anger against police over Aminul’s death building up on Facebook 5:09 PM May 3rd

1wk since police killing #Aminulrasyid Najib has spoken Y UmnoYouth @Khairykj MCAYouth still silent though @weekasiongmp support Hanif RCI 5:15 PM May 3rd

Full support 4Sgt Roslan fractured leg rammed by motor-cyclist @roadblock Police shd catch n mete out most severe punishment agnst culprit Have always supported police injured in course of duty But IGP irresponsible w fallacious equation n argument as if condemnation of trigger-happy killing #Aminulrasyid equivalent 2disregard 4legitimate rights of police 2proper welfare n compensation 4injuries or even lives lost suffered by policemen in course of duty RT @syafiqjosen: @limkitsiang I m in support of azamuddin but would appreciate if u would also stand by the police when they are victims. about 23 hours ago via UberTwitter

Powerless SpecialPanel into#Aminulrasyid’s police killing neither fish nor fowl even w/ TunHanif as member.. about 20 hours ago via HootSuite

Appears 2b d case Off stmts have conspicuously omitted dis pt RT @thamss: @limkitsiang The Brunei oil issue,we signed away our oil field? about 19 hours ago via UberTwitter
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Oil sovereignty: Why Sarawak not consulted?

Malaysia Mirror | Wednesday, 05 May 2010

KUCHING – The question of sovereignty concerning the state of Sarawak and the oil-rich Blocks L and M, which were signed away to Brunei, was raised by DAP state assemblyman for Bukit Assek Wong Ho Leng on Tuesday.

In a media statement, Wong, who is DAP Sarawak chairperson, questioned the role of the Sarawak government on this issue and why the Federal government did not consult the state government.

Wong called for a detailed explanation from the state government as to whether it was aware of such “trades” involving Limbang and Blocks L and M.

He said the state government needs to clarify immediately whether it has neglected the interest of Sarawakians by giving up the jurisdiction on the two disputed oil-rich blocks to the Federal government.
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