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Call for RCI to conduct full inquiry on whether Israeli agents had infiltrated Bukit Aman

DAP calls for the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry comprising respected, eminent and independent-minded Malaysians to conduct a full inquiry on whether Israeli agents had infiltrated Bukit Aman.

It is downright ridiculous and an international joke to have four agencies probing into the same matter, as announced by the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein yesterday, namely the police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the National Security Council and a parliamentary select committee.

I just could not believe that Hishammuddin could make such an outrageous announcement, totally lacking in seriousness about a very important national security problem.

In the first place, who would believe that the police would be able to independently and professionally investigate into this matter, when there appears to be a tradition of lack of police independence and professionalism on sensitive issues involving the highest reaches of police and the government.

A good case in point was the 1998 “black-eyes” attack on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by the then Inspector-General of Police in the very inner sanctum of Bukit Aman, just some fortnight after losing his high positions as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. Read the rest of this entry »


Overnight tweets – Chew Mei Fun, Rocky’s Bru and BN cybertroopers

What press freedom!MCA’s Star n Umno’s NST murdered story of ChewMeiFun’s resignation blacking out her most imp reason 4quitting all posts
09 April 2010 21:44

Sun rpt her reason If we accept leaders not good role models…negative msg our party accepts/condones such corruption
09 April 2010 21:52

ChewMF deserves praise 4resignation But does she realise she cannot accept any MCA posts so long as CSL is in MCA saddle with reason given?
09 April 2010 22:00

BN must b very desperate 2enlist Rocky’s Bru 2spin 4victory in HS I said “uphill battle” but never said BN will win
09 April 2010 23:03

@chongzhemin That comeback route is not open 2her if CSL is re-elected at MCA helm as the pivotal reason 4her resignation remains unaltered
09 April 2010 23:55
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If Najib launches Malaysia-US (Congressional) Caucus without PR MP representation, he is telling the whole world that his 1Malaysia concept is utter bunkum

It has been suggested on the twitter that it’s a bit too late to cancel the launching of the Malaysia-United States (Congressional) Caucus by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak next Wednesday April 14, 2010 and that perhaps Pakatan Rakyat can send some of its Members of Parliament for the event.

My twitter responses yesterday were:

• Not suggesting Najib put off trip 2US he can meet Obama but put off caucus launch programme which can only embarrass him n nation

• No not too late Sure American countrprts will appreciate not bng dragged into maelstrom Msian partisan politics JJ shld take note

• Question of saving nation/PM’s face or Nazri/JJ’s face Indeed a test of whether putting national interests above that of indvdls

• As gatecrashers?Better things 2do Question whr BN can see what is national interest @alphaque .. perhaps PR can send some of your own there.

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Najib’s first year in office, Part I

April 6th, 2010
by Greg Lopez ·

Najib Razak became Prime Minister of Malaysia on 3 April 2009. With the nation in tatters and his reputation suspect, Najib was destined to either become one of Malaysia’s ‘greatest’ or ‘worst’ Prime Ministers. Greatest if he could reverse the excesses of the Mahathir years – when Malaysia became Mahathir’s personal fief – and put Malaysia back on strong democratic and economic footing ; worst if he accelerates Malaysia’s already weak fundamentals. One year on, the record suggests that he is likely to be Malaysia’s worst ever Prime Minister.

Najib Razak or APCO (the controversial communications firm he hired) proposed an ambitious ’slogan’ to distinguish his administration. The ’slogan’, ‘1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now’ (1Malaysia) is explained as a concept to promote national unity and eventually achieve Vision 2020 based on specific values. The irony is, according to Najib, the 1Malaysia concept is integrated with Barisan Nasional’s past policies – the very policies that saw BN thrashed at the 12th general election; which has made the BN and UMNO in particular, the most despised political party in Malaysia; which has been identified as the cause of Malaysia’s long term decline; and which clearly needs to be reversed if Malaysia wants to move out of the quagmire.

There is no 1Malaysia

Malaysia is polarised – in the Peninsular, it is split right down the middle between the supporters of PR and BN, between West and East Malaysia, between Malay and Islamic supremacist against the rest of Malaysia, between an elite minority that is privy to governmental largesse and those who suffer its consequences, and between the BN-led federal government and state governments, especially those led by the opposition – exclusively due to UMNO’s insistence on driving the national agenda to meet its needs for political survival rather than forging a united Malaysia. Althoughhe has inherited this 52-year legacy, there is nothing that Najib has done in the past year to reverse the trends. Instead, fearing for his own position in the party, he has flip-flopped on his signature policy. Read the rest of this entry »


MCs by 1Malaysia clinics – illegal?

By Dr Anony

I refer to the reply given by Dr Nooraini Baba (NST, March 30th, 2010) in which she claimed that Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) can issue Medical Certificates.

She had then explained that the MCs issued by AMOs are not illegal, but just that they are invalid for the purpose of workers absenting themselves from work without pay under Section 60F of the Employment Act. In her reply, Dr Nooraini had quoted from the MEDICAL ACT 1971 (Act 50).

I would like to point out that there is NO provision under any Act of Parliament for the Medical Assistants who man the 1Malaysia clinics, to be referred to as “Assistant Medical Officers.” Instead, the
Medical Assistants are governed under the MEDICAL ASSISTANTS (REGISTRATION) ACT 1977 (Act 180), and they are thus properly referred to as Medical Assistants, and NOT as “Assistant Medical Officers.”

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